Pitool vs Pimax Client ~ Which & Why

I am currently using FW 2003 with PiTool 284 on my 2076 (vers.2) 8KX DMAS. I tried the Pimax Client 1.9 a few days ago and see there is now a 1.10 version.

So for me I could see no advantage as I did not want a Shop/Store and I like how Pitool functions plus it looks to be lighter in memory and space where the Client is bigger.

Can anyone state specifically if there is any advantage to the Client in terms of gameplay or anything else ? I found it had few problems, the first right away was it did not want to stay in Normal FOV mode but kept changing itself to the Widest setting and the save button did not appear to work. Also I could not see anywhere that had facility to update the Firmware or change the RGB colour scale, maybe it is there and I missed it ?

I never liked the Store feature on the 3 x Oculus headsets I owned either and much prefer the lightweight PiTool (I liked the Reverb G2 mixed reality software too) but I am open to be convinced the Client is the best going forward, if indeed it is somehow.

If it had a fully working OpenXR implementation, negating the need for SteamVR, then that would be a difference worth using ~ but is Pimax even interested in developing OpenXR for Pimax ?


Have you looked into this?


Thanks for the suggestion but I already tried using Pimax OpenXR together with Pimax Tools and Open Composite. The result was that in the headset I have a clear picture but the tracking does not work correctly and is jumping all over and very jittery. Also the framerate was in the 50’s to 60’s where normally I had solid 75fps when refresh is set at 75hz. I tried an earlier Pitool 280 but the problem was same. I use only 1 x Lighthouse for tracking so maybe that is an issue however in SteamVR the tracking is rock solid, no problems at all.

I see. I only have 1 LH setup myself and I have absolutely no tracking issues, with equal or better performance in all apps I’ve tried.

But to your point of “If it had a fully working OpenXR implementation […]”, since you mention OpenComposite, I take it that the games you play aren’t even truly OpenXR. That’s not something either Pimax or I can solve.


I only use VR to sim race. So I tried Pimax OpenXR with Automobilista 2. I ran the OpenXR Toolkit, then loaded the Pimax OpenXR and checked the box for OpenXR then I used the .dll from the Open Composite download. Am I missing another step to get it working properly or is there something else I must download ? Because I cannot figure out how to get the image stable without it twitching and moving about ? Someone on a forum said it was a beta and did not work with some PiTools. What Pitool are you using and which Pimax headset ? Mine is the 8KX DMAS.

Any help is appreciated. cheers


For jumpy tracking with PimaxXR try enabling/disabling HAGS and see what works better. I run 2 lighthouses v1, no issues with PimaxXR, HAGS off for higher perf.

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Thanks mate, I have HAGS off but will try it on. I have tried so many things that I must be overlooking something simple.

I am used the new Client v1.10 to play Raceroom Race Experience yesterday but I am going to uninstall and go back to Pitool, what version is best with Pimax OpenXR ?

I really appreciate your advice. Cheers

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It’s complicated, I use 281 because all newer versions have overlays broken, but 281 has black dots around overlay edges, which is fixed in 283. But 283 breaks overlay tracking, it’s a mess.

Perhaps weird overlay tracking is what you are experiencing, so try 281…

On my system PimaxxR works better with HAGS off, but the only game I use is GTR2.

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Thanks I tried 280 and 281 however I am now back to running Pimax Client 1.10 because it works so well with the 120hz FW2003 and I am now using it to play RaceRoom Race Experience with fantastic results.

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I haven’t used the store software and see no reason to for my needs. It took a couple of years to get to Pitool 261 but I find it sufficient to the task. The only flaw I have found is the APPLY button also saves negating the SAVE button. I expect the Clent software to be a WIP for some time yet.

As far as another store goes, there isn’t even a lot on Steam compelling me right now so I doubt Pimax is going to present me with a killer app at this point.

. For me “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” has worked just fine for the last couple of years. :smiley:


Yeah I agree with all you said and it was only after swapping in/out of Pimax Client a few times that I realised the sim racing games I play all work better & smoother in the client software. And 1.10 appears free of few bugs I noticed in v1 09.

Such a precise measurement. All those data on hardware and fps comparisons. I guess that settles it. :grinning:

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Well it does feel smoother to me, less artifacts and jitters…

You want quantifiable data for precise analysis ? Perhaps look elsewhere as it is all subjective anyway.

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Precisely. Was just teasing as to that being the nature of your description. No offense intended :smiley:

Whether Client vs PTool or even PT versions and different Pimax models performance and firmware.will be relative to that and so much more. Your hardware, drivers, installed software and the beat goes on.
Tweaking performance on my 5K+ took over 2 years to settle on settings (mostly) locked in on most of what I play and only some of that is based on what others with similar setups (when posted in detail) have reported. The rest is just testing one’s own.

Glad you find Client smoother.

PS When I do seek quantifiable data on Pimax it is in this forum. It has been very informative over the years

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