Pitool subreddit to discuss open-source version of the program

Do we have any software developers on the forums? Feel free to post there if you have any ideas you’d like to see implemented into the software.

Site: www.reddit.com/r/pitool


I’m a developer, with C++ and Qt experience, however, I probably won’t be contributing. I might be able to answer questions, though.

As for new features, I’d like to be able to access settings (like Vertical Offset or Parallel Projection), even when the HMD is off or disconnected.


add a stop / start and restart piservices buttons to the landing gui page of pitools please

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@XabbuSwe mentioned Troubleshooter is good but could use a reset/link to common settings directory that needs reset ie lh folder with a backup feature.

We need full contrast, brightness, sharpness controls, perhaps via reenabling extended mode.