Pitool Request for higher IPD offset parameters to provide higher IPD offset values?

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I just tried MRTV’s tutorial on how to get both images clear in the Pimax. Unfortunately for me it seems the way my eyes work I need more virtual IPD offset values in order to properly align the controllers in real life to each eye. See Pimax IPD Tutorial - How To Set Pimax 8KX IPD Offset Correctly! No More Eyestrain! - YouTube at 6 minutes 30 seconds

I think it might be because my eyes do not fully converge but they do see properly, I have an IPD of 65 so setting it down to 63 is not a problem, it’s not that my IPD is too big or too small. I’m pretty sure this was possible in earlier versions of pitool but the parameter size for the virtual IPD offset was reduced, it would be good to re-implement it with a checkbox option to extend the available parameters now that we know how to use it properly.

Is it possible to make a request for a checkbox in Pitool to reintroduce the larger parameter size (+ or - 20 in each eye rather than + or minus 5) advanced IPD offset parameters enable/disable which gives an extra 10-20 IPD offset in each direction for each eye? This might be a reason why some people are having problems. It is a great tutorial MRTV made overall and I highly recommend using something like this in your official tutorial as it is easy and to the point. Thanks.

I’m skeptical that you should need to adjust it so far when your IPD is so average. Setting this properly shouldn’t have anything to do with the convergence of your eyes. It is the geometry of the positions of your eyes relative to the displays that determines what adjustments are needed for correct binocular vision which matches the real world.

If you feel you need to adjust it outside of the current software bounds, I think it’s likely that you’re doing something wrong. Or that something else is wrong with the setup on your 8KX. My first thought is that you may be using the wrong padding thickness on the facial gasket, and so your eyes are either too close or too far from the lenses. Note that, if that’s the problem, correcting it will also fix or improve distortion issues toward the far edges of your vision in VR.


I actually do need to have extra offset but just on the image, if I move the lenses closer together by 2mm (setting hardware IPD knob to 63mm), it becomes clearer in both eyes when I look left and right and the sweet spot becomes larger. Using a thinner face gasket and bringing the headset closer to the eyes as you suggested also assists in making the sweet spot larger. Of course I need to move the virtual IPD offset -1mm in each eye in order for the image centre to match my IPD of 65mm, now that I moved the hardware dial down to 63mm.

But because my eyes do this | | rather than this /\ when I look straight ahead, and because they do this / / or this \ \ when I look sideways, rather than this / | or this | \ , I actually need to set the virtual IPD offset to + values so that my eyes will overlap the image, I can reduce it over time but having the larger parameter for virtual IPD offset like previous pitool versions have assists people like me who can’t use standard glasses to assist with convergence because you can only grind 6-8 dioptres of prism in each regular lense, I need about 30-40 dioptres of prism ground between two lenses to converge images that are far away.

@hammerhead_gal @PimaxQuorra can you guys please refer this request to the pitool engineers for advanced virtual IPD offset for a check box under virtual IPD offset, which enables extra virtual IPD offset parameter range functionality in pitool? Thanks

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In fact, we do summarize your request and forwarded to our Pitool engineers.
But I couldn’t promise that this feature will be added in the next version, but hopefully it will be included in future.


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Thank you for your reply. If you do this then your headsets could possibly help to cure strabismus and convergence issues the same way vivid vision VR software does. https://www.seevividly.com/

This added functionality might see pimax headsets eventually recommended in the optometry industry as a valid treatment method and will likely increase Pimax sales. Thanks

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