PiTool Request: Color temperature adjustment (for 5K+)

Dear Pimax,

From the reviews it seems that Pimax 5K+ has cooler colors than Pimax 8K (and most other headsets).
I, and probably many others prefer warmer colors.
I think warmer colors are more natural, and also easier on the eyes.

Even research says blue light accelerates blindness:

So I don’t want to subject my eyes to bright cool colors for hours at a time.

So please, maybe adjust the color temperature on the 5K+ to normalize it and please add settings in PiTool to adjust the color temperature.

EDIT: comments below are suggesting other adjustments, which should also be added
So, I’m thinking Pimax should allow adjusting

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Color Temperature
  • (Maybe even Sharpness?)

ie. The same settings a computer monitor or TV does. Since VR headsets are basically displays, I agree that these settings should be adjustable.

Also as suggested by Scy0846 below, it should be able to save/set settings for each game.


Not to hijack the thread, but also (and this goes for any headset)… some people just want the screens brighter, or to tweak the saturation. It makes one scratch one’s head when you can’t, for instance, on the Vive Pro, and it is also a concrete downside.


I would love this feature. This would be the last drop in the barrel I need to finally be able to decide for the 5k+ without doubt… :slight_smile:

I have to agree. My biggest complaint with the vive and oculus is that there is no color correction or adjustments I can make. If this is to be modular and somewhat open this is a must. This would even be really cool to have the ability to adjust them based on what game I am playing like a separate config that I can just tell it what profile I want.


I believe the founder confirmed at the Berlin meet that they wanted to provide this level of control over brightness and colour.


I agree with OP except IMO any color or other adjustments should apply to both headsets.

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Is PiTool available for download anywhere?

I fully support the adjustments options in this thread. Color temperature adjustment could enable a night mode.

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So much this. I don’t understand why todays HMDs don’t have some adjustment tools like all other screens.

It’s especially important for virtual reality artists, they can’t paint without knowing what color they’re actually painting.

It is also not suitable for watching movies or paintings, with the colors moved to blue, for example, as seen in the image of the picture that Sebastian Ang put, which has very bad color: the girl’s skin became greenish.

Yes. http://community.openmr.ai/t/release-piplay-download/17

No, thats Piplay for the Pimax 4K.

I thought there was only 1 PiPlay tool. How do you know it’s limited to 4K headset only?

Because for the other (Pimax 8K or 5K, 5K+) it’s the PiTool (now v.76 and only for Testers), not PiPlay.


10-4. Hopefully they will release it soon.

The thing is right now there’s no guarantees a fully adjustable tool or mode will ever be available. They said they will try and add the feature and are testing it. But they may have gone with cooler higher K LEDs on the 5k. Depending on the LEDs installed, sometimes you can’t adjust their output spectrum. Hopefully they can, and then secondarily to that, hopefully they are dimmable LEDs, so brightness will be adjustable. Worst comes to worst, colours could probably be adjusted somewhat at the LCD/image level, but that has other limitations. Unfortunately the actual tech-specs of electronics, panels used, LED spectrum, etc are still unknown, likely will be until they announce retail.


Strange. I downloaded PiTool from somewhere on this site quite some time ago. It runs, even though I don’t have a Pimax headset yet. I just tried the update feature and it worked. I’m now running v1.00.1.76. I couldn’t find a download though.

The PiTool doc is available at: http://pisetup.pimaxvr.com/PiToolUserManualEN.pdf

Here are some screen shots, to prove I have it running…

Yes, we tested the Pimax 4K with Pitools and it worked. But I don’t know if Pimax wanted it to come out.

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Apparently not. I haven’t been able to find a current link to the download.

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Want to Request Color Temp change as well in pitool.
2700k-6500K, Kinda like windows 10 has.

I usually have on anti blue light glasses that is tented, but we don’t have the right frames for pimax 5k+ or 8K yet for lenses.

It will help with eye strain A LOT.
I know i can only handle 40 minutes without anything, before getting a headache.
and with my yellow tinted glasses and blue light filter, i can go up to 2 hours, but not get a headache at least.

So, In the mean time.
Color temp would help A lot. :+1: