PiTool Open Source? Another broken promise?

So Pimax announced that they were going to open source all or most of PiTool.

We thought we’d be able to modify the PiTool code and have a nice community version of it with cool options such as maybe distortion adjustment settings and better color settings.

At this point it is just another broken promise … cause there hasn’t been any progress on this at all.

It definitely isn’t something that Covid-19 is causing delays to.

As always, Pimax have only words … no action.


For reference, this is all that has been open sourced:

It is 7 months old, and from my understanding, doesn’t include core components like PiService. Looks like it is just the gui part of PiTool.


I wonder why Pimax changed their mind .


They are still working on that it is just like the Sword controllers and such exceptionally slow progress.


So because it did not come out on YOUR timeline they are liars?

How about you try this, BE PATIENT, once they have their final production model out for the 8K X then maybe they can focus on the “nice to haves” not the “need to haves”

Some people will never be satisfied though…

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To be fair, when something is over a year late, it is kind of ok to complain about it.


The problem here at the heart of the matter is communicating that this was put on hold for the time being. They rolled out the idea released one very poor Frankenstein mixed source code and never updated it or the status of the opensource onboarding.

They are also having this issue with supporting DeVs as several DeVs have requested updated SDKs for Unreal and Unity which hasn’t been updated in a year+. They have also been slow to even respond to several devs that want to support pimax more directly with removing pp requirement.


I am so sorry!!! … I should not have called Pimax liars [well I didn’t explicitly call them that].

I forgot that Pimax’s timeline isn’t the same as other companies.

They have such a great track record of keeping their word with everything they say that I shouldn’t have doubted them at all!

It is my fault entirely for expecting it too soon [over 6 months after Pimax Day which they announced it].

Maybe they did release Phase 2 already and I didn’t know??? In that case they definitely are not liars!!

I am so sorry. Also Phase 3 aimed for “November” but I understand that Pimax timeline is different … so that likely means November 2020 or November 2021.


I think a lot of the problem is people treat Pimax like they are Oculus, or some other big VR provider, when in fact they are a small indie outfit doing there best.

Priorities change, timelines slip, and decisions get made on what is more important right now.

If they are guilty of anything it is sadly biting off more than they can chew, and trying to cater to an extremely ungrateful community.

If you ask 10 people here what Pimax priorities should be, you would get 10 different answers.

After yesterdays article, the take away should be they are still working on this, it is not forgotten, just delayed.

Maybe having them focus on making a solid PiTools and firmware is a wee bit more important than letting the community dick around with it right now.

Wow, you must be new here. Give it a few years, and you’ll see why people are so irritated with this company.

Yep, that explains it.


The problem is not treating them like Oculus. But like anyone should hold accountability to a company’s word. If something changes communicate it before it gets out of hand like simple timeline changes. Not sure when something is going to happen? Don’t give a date and then quietly say nothing when it passes.

This was something Robin was very interested in fixing and between Dec 2019 and CNY it was fairly successful. But something is throwing things off track and back to old problems.

Communication is number 1 to prevent problems.

The main thing this community has asked for is the open honest communication promised time and again.


For someone who just joined March 25, you seem to know so much about this “ungrateful community” and seem to care so much about defending Pimax …

This “ungrateful community” consists of Pimax’s Kickstarter backers and their customers. Specifically, their most passionate ones. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

We are all customers of thousands of other businesses, so it is not like we don’t know what should be expected in typical customer to business relationships of all types, from literal mom and pop shops and one man gigs up. And Pimax’s standards has been pretty low.

I am sorry, but your responses come off as if you are actually a Pimax employee in disguise and I am inclined to believe that you are, as Pimax has rarely ever generated any goodwill to create someone that dedicated to defending them.

Unlike Oculus that has created that type of fanboys.

EDIT: And I’d like to add, if Pimax ever get their sh** together, then many of us might even become that type of fanboy. I love the Pimax products, but the way the company behaves makes me not want to support it.

EDIT2: It still bugs me that we are called ‘extremely ungrateful’. What do we have to be grateful to Pimax for? In what universe must a customer be expected to be ‘grateful’ to the business they are customers to? Especially considering the treatment we received and considering the extremely non-life-critical nature of VR headsets. Did you cure a life threatening disease for us? You already have my money for my 8KX so instead you should be grateful that I’ve given you money without even knowing when I will get my product. It is completely the wrong way around … which again makes me think you are a Pimax employee as only people from Pimax could even feel that way.

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Likely just a fan that hasn’t received a headset or had the issues others have had getting things resolved.

Though am surprised as a possible Canuck that he seems off the norm for folks up here.

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And there it is right there.

The vast majority of Pimax supporters are just that, SUPPORTERS, not customers.

It comes down to the incorrect perception of what a kickstarter is, and that is what began it all. So many people here and much more so on Reddit, treat Pimax like they are Walmart.

“I paid my money 3 years ago, you OWE me”

That is not how it works folks.

You bet on a dream, on the fact that HOPEFULLY Pimax could do what they said, and here we are 3 years later, on the cusp of 8k X coming and that dream being put into reality, and it is all spit and vinegar from the community and it is sickening.

What people need to be grateful for is we are even at this point, Pimax was a dream 3 years ago, they had a vision that they could create a 8k headset and change the shape of VR.

You act like entitled brats who have no clue who this works.

This is not some mega corp what has 10’s of thousands of staff who have unlimited resources and can put out everything they hope for.

What are they guilty of? Biting off WAY more than they can chew. You can see they are passionate about their project, most kickstarted companies are. But it must be hard to work in an environment when all the community does is crap on them all day every day.

In a perfect world, I have no doubt that Pimax would love to have been able to hit all their “promises”, and in the last few months they have really opened up communication and tried to be more accurate in what they are telling people.

Funny how anyone who defends them must automatically be branded as an employee, when in reality, some of us just have an understanding of how the world really works and likes their product. You may have spent a wee bit too much time in VR, as you seem to have lost touch with reality…

Well I have a 5k+ and my 8k+ that I ordered on Mar 27 will be here this week.

So my experience thus far has been exemplary, but then again, I knew what to expect from them.

Well, I am speaking as a customer. As I have already paid them for an 8KX.

The announcement that PiTool would be open source is something that went into my consideration of further investing into Pimax, so them being clear on any plans being changed on that is something that is of interest to me.

I would think most companies who do Kickstarters are expected to be ‘grateful’ to their backers or ‘supporters’ as you call them, not the other way around.

I am very much in touch with the reality thank you, and the reality is that a lot of people (both backers and customers) haven’t been satisfied with the way Pimax has done things. If you truly are a Pimax customer, then I wish you luck with your 8K+ and don’t have any issues with Pimax support like many others have reported here, most recently this one. Another 8K+ buyer I know has some problems with his but is still not sure if is a defect of the hardware or software.

And read this for an example of how Pimax eventually wears people down:


I was waiting for the opensource pitool too and had great hopes.
I can understand that this is not a subject with high priority but when you announce a timeline, the minimum is to say something like “sorry guys, we have a lot more important work to do and we think that opensourcing is not one of them for the moment”

Again, this is obviously not a very important subject, but communication is not very good.

In fact, as an IT guy, I’m pretty convinced that using GitHub (or any other open repository) could be a time gainer for Pimax, as it is a very good tool for (pimax) developers, but also a good way to let the willing community to help and fix issues. And at my point of view, not very complicated to do. (quick-win as we say)
Is anybody aware of the developper tools Pimax is using ?

It may take some time, but we have to understand that pimax have great challenges ahead, so keep benevolent and let’s hope it will come soon :slight_smile:


@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA

Can you describe the situation of Open source officially?

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I knew what to expect from them having owned an original Pimax 4k headset. The bar was better prior to the KS even with the issues the p4k headset had.

I am in the middle of the fence. I support them on their quality of actions guaging them on past performance. There is nothing wrong with offering proper critism where they have fallen short. If you know the og pimax team they value criticism as much as the praise. Both are needed to improve and move forward. I own 3 pimax headsets and the headsets themselves, I have had good experiences compared to most.

However I am unable to test the headset fully as my full packages on P2:5k+ and P2:8k are incomplete. So I cannot compare my good experiences with anyone whom has Lighthouses and controllers.

I know they can and will do better. But need the proper feedback to do so.


The big problem with Pimax is they are all the sky without finishing what they started. How many VR head sets does Pimax have or are working on? Every time they fix something in the pipe line they add two or more things they are going to offer when they are already over loaded with work. Mind you all of this with unfinished orders for other stuff, Kickstarters still waiting for stuff after how many years? Don’t get me wrong I want Pimax to be the best. I’ve gave them money, yes, but not as a Kickstarter. So when someone here needs to vent its fine by me as long as its not total B.S. My hope is when I do get my 8Kx it will be as good as they say it will be. I know I’m not happy with Pimax but for now will keep my B.S. to myself.