PiTool Not Saving FOV Changes

Does any one know why PiTool is not saving FOV changes? It’s somewhat annoying that I have to change the FOV from “Normal” to “Large” every time I launch PiTool.

So far I’ve found that PiTool is writing the FOV changes to profile.json file (C:\Users<USERSNAME>\AppData\Local\Pimax\runtime\profile.json). But when I start it again it writes “Normal” FOV to this file. I’ve also tried changing the attribute of profile.json to read-only and this didn’t fix it. Interestingly PiTool doesn’t report a write error when it tries to write to a read-only file. Versions 197, 249, and 255 all have this problem. Version 132 probably doesn’t.

Also, what the heck is a potato FOV in Versions 249 and 255?

I use Normal, so I haven’t noticed.

Potato FOV is a stupid name for a new very-low FOV, similar (but wider) than the Vive and other first-gen HMDs. It’s useful for comparisons and also for games which cannot deal with a wide FOV.


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