PiTool not launching PE

Hi there,
I’m not sure if this is a bug with PiTool or PE so apologies if this in the wrong thread.

I have the latest versions of PiTool and PE installed as listed in the December update. Both apps are installed in the default locations. I have checked the box for PiTool to launch PE yet it doesn’t.
Also if I quit a VR game by killing SteamVR (I believe this is the correct way), PE does not pop back up.
I have PiTool set to run as admin and PE normal run.


To fix it I unticked the launch VR home box in PiTool settings, closed PiTool then restarted it then checked the VR home box again and all is well. Didn’t think it had worked as the PE window didn’t pop on my monitor when I ran PiTool but it’s up and running in the headset ready to go.

To further test I repeatedly shut down and restart PiTool half a dozen times and PE was running in the headset each time.

I will test if PE comes back on after exiting SteamVR later but I suspect it will.