PiTool needs a setting to Remember Your SS Value per Application - like SteamVR

If Pimax plans to keep the support for PiTool, there needs to be a setting to remember PiTool’s rendering multiplier .50, .75, 1.0, etc., per game.

iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars2, rFactor2, IL-2 Sturmovik, etc., I play all of these titles and more, and each time I have to remember which setting in PiTool was best.

Mainly, I’m tweaking SteamVR SS instead, to keep it in check, but it would be great to have that option in PiTool, and have it reboot by itself to make sure it’s correctly showing the pixel resolution



Please kindly list what kind of setting you need to be saved, we will plan to develop this function soon.


Pitools settings to remember per profile:
-parallel projection

It would be great if i could access the profile from the taskbar icon (mouse right click, popup menu with “quit pitools, etc.) and there an option to load the profile. Like on steam, if you right click the steam icon in the taskbar, you see a menu with last recent started applications.

We could manage the profiles from the pitools-games launcher. Right click on the game icon there->show settings for this game/save settings for this game.

Of course it should remind of restarting steamVR or end and then restart steamVR if profile is applied.


Pitool multiplier should be remembered for each profile also 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, etc

Along with

Parallel Projection


We need an option to save settings for each game as soon as possible.
It helps us remember to turn on/off parallel Proj, PiTool resolution, and much more. I forget to turn it off in some games, and it’s causing fps losses.
PLEASE!!! Develop this in the next build. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to add it into PiTool
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Add color and saturation to the list of things to be saved per a game in the pitool

@Sean.Huang We need to feedback this question and need to communicate with R&D to solve it.

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