Pitool Hard Crash in Windows 11 when powering up Pimax 5K+

About the same time last year I finally got this piece of crap Pimax (5k) working on my Ryzen 3900X on X570 m/b with Zotac RTX3080… after weeks of technical support and faffing around… But as luck would have it, due to work I got busy so uninstalled it and packed it away.

As work settled down, I upgraded to Win 11 and got a nice new 5900x processor and 49’ ultrawide monitor and started playing Elite Dangerous again after a year’s Hiatus… It was then that I remembered I had a Pimax from a stupid kickstarter years ago.

Remembering the pain I had trying to get this piece of junk working last year, I put off reinstalling it until I could fight the urge to play Elite in VR once more.

Yesterday, I pulled it out, ran the latest version of Pitool, bios automatically updated and it ran first time!!!
AMAZING!! Maybe I was wrong after all…

Nope. As of today, As soon as I power up the Pimax 5k, Windows completely dies… I mean silent, hard, instant reset to boot screen.

Every time.

Uninstalled. Reinstalled… uninstalled Steam VR, reinstalled Steam VR… Same thing

Run pitool… fine… switch on pimax and boom… reset
Switch on pimax tool first… all is fine… Run pitooland boom… reset…|

Has anyone else run into hard reset when both pitool is running and pimax headset are powered up?

I have no idea as I haven’t experienced Win11 yet, but I believe that you will need to post your actual Pitool version. Saying “the latest” means absolutely nothing with Pimax software, for a variety of reasons. If it’s 272, it’s known to install the wrong firmware and has to be reflashed, but I thought that was an 8kX only problem, then there’s 273 that only exists if you have the screwed up 272. There are so many “latest versions”…

It’s version 273.
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I haven’t had any problem with windows 11 and the 8kx. Pitool 273

Yesterday, i put a 5k+, that it was in a box and i want to test before to sell it, and again, i hadn’t any problem.

I’ve reinstalled the driver and Nvidia drivers.

But as soon as both the pimax and its drivers are powered up the screen goes black and my PC restarts not even any logs in the event viewer.

I think you’re right about selling it. I’m going to sell it and get a proper VR set that works. It’s been nothing but trouble.

Complete computer hard reset shouldn’t happen unless the drivers are complete crap.

I’ve had about a month of working playtime in the god knows how many years it’s been since I paid for the Kickstarter. And that was without base stations so the sensor would drift off every 5 minutes

Very unstable device.

And I still don’t even have my controllers yet.
Suppose I should wait until they come before I sell it to try and recoup some money.

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anything in eventviewer?
biggest change was W11, but new proc as well.

What was the problem (and the fix) the last time?


same here on windows 10 with 273_20211105

hard crash just after launching the pitool.exe

Nvidia driver 472.47

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