PiTool Disconnected: Diagnose(10600) error

Just got my Pimax 5K+ followed the instructions by installing pitool, updated pitool to latest version, and plugged HDM in. Pitool gives me error 10600 saying HDMI/DP is disconnected and the HMD has a solid red light. I have tried unplugging and plugging in all cables and reinstalling pitool multiple times and tried pitools versions 76, 84, and 90. I even flashed the firmware according to Sweviver’s instructions but still get the same error. Strangely the headphones and microphone on the Pimax 5K+ work fine because I can hear audio through the device and see mic levels move appropriately. But pitool just keeps telling me the HDMI/DP is disconnected.

I have an Nvidia gtx1080 with the latest drivers installed.

Anybody have any suggestions to get pitool to recognize the headset and remove this error code? Thanks


I have the same problem with my 8K after a reflash. 1080 TI, tried all displayport connectors + checked power supply to pimax.

Do you get a message about some usb devices not working correctly (or using drpi: usb not connected)?
Using usbview tool I see one of the usb devices not enumerating correctly albeit the sound/mic/volume controls work.

Have you got your 8K to work at all? I don’t get any messages about usb devices not working. With the Pimax connected in the windows device manager it shows a “USB Audio Device” which is the Pimax’s and seems to work just fine, i.e. audio from computer goes to headphones connected to the Pimax and mic levels change when making noise at the Pimax’s mic. The windows device manager also shows under other devices “LHR” and “Pimax P2C” which appear right after plugging the Pimax in.

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Before I tried flashing my headset was detected, but I couldn’t get it to work with steamvr. Was only displaying a gray screen. Tried to change to direct mode, crashed mid-swap and didnt go back to pimax mode…

We might have different problems, I got usb semi-working by removing an usb hub. If you have too many hubs you hit the limit for usb 3/2 connections.

Installed pitool
Now I get Diagnose(20300) error.

If an error occurs, be sure to initialize or reinstall os.


EDIT: Might have been an accident, it doesnt seem to work for others.

Well this worked for me at least:

  • Uninstall all pimax software (PiTool, Piplay, DrPi)
  • Open explorer, go to %APPDATA% and remove all pimax directories in

Reinstall latest piplay, restart the computer without pimax power adapter connected.

Connect power adapter when booted into windows.
Start pitool and room configuration should start.


You probably could have achieved the same by going to the ‘services’ tab in your task manager, then locate ‘piservicestarter’, stop it, wait a few sec and start it. If it ever happens again, try that.

Anyway glad it works now, enjoy!


Beleive me, I have tried restarting piservice/piservicelauncher a dozen times or more.

The problem was old config & log files that was left from before I tried reflashing the firmware.

And the appdata folders aren’t removed when you uninstall pitool et al! Possibly creating this cluster**** of a problem that I have had and probably more people.


Glad you got it working and thanks for the info. I’ll give this a try when I get home in an hour or two.

Good luck! and to be on the safe side you can just rename the old folder to something else instead of deleting them if you want to keep them.

Edit: I also got the latest fw version from support, but It didnt solve the problem. I had to remove the config folders/reinstall pitool .91 for it to work.

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Might work for some issues but I’ve tried this about 200 times and it has never done anything to get the headset to connect in any version of PiTools.

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Ok then it must be another issue. Interesting that removing the app folder fixed it

I think piservice and pitool check for something in there, there are lots of interesting logs in there for the curious :wink:

@mol Tried what you suggested and deleted all the pimax stuff including the things in the APPDATA folder and reinstalled PiTools and connected the headset. Unfortunately still no luck I get the same error. Thanks for the help though.

Also I posted this in another support thread but here are some other things I’ve tried that haven’t worked just in case anyone has suggestions outside of what was tried above and this.

  1. Updated to PiTool .91: Same error.

2.Reassembled my old computer with intel 6700k and current Gtx 1080 did fresh windows and PiTools install: Same Error.

  1. Installed PiTool on older HTPC with intel 2500k and GTX 970 and tried 5k+.
    Same Error.

Sorry to hear that, the only thing I can think of is asking pimax for latest firmware and flash with dfu tool instead. I hope someone else can come up with other things to try. And do open a support ticket with pimax.

Also, windows updated to 1809 yesterday. Had no success before with 1703 nor 1803.

Also, %APPDATA%\Local\Pimax\runtime\pvr_srv_log* might contain useful data,
and %APPDATA%\Local\Pimax\PiService\pimaxService.log

pvr_srv_log* will prolly only contain 4 rows then stop (if it failed to parse config files like Pimax\runtime/profile.json)

I’ll stop speculating now, troubleshooting pimax is such a crapshoot, totally random errors. But I love it when it works.

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Turn your computer off, unplug the DisplayPort cable from your gpu, turn computer on, open pitool, replug your pimax’s DisplayPort cable back in and it should connect. I had this same issue.


I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every combination/order of cable plugging, unplugging with both PiTool and my computer both running and not running. Just to be sure I tried your instructions three times and no luck I get the same error.

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It seems most people might get this error after they have already had their headset working at some point and this just sort of pops up but mine has never worked or gotten past this error despite three days and hours of troubleshooting each day.

I have a support ticket in with Pimax so hopefully they can provide some insight or most likely send me a new HMD.