PiTool crashlog accumulation

Heh, just had to share a little neither-here-nor-there…

I just installed “Revo Uninstaller”, and set it to scan my long-running-without-a-fresh-OS-reinstall machine for “junk” files; And 90-some percent of what it suggested for deletion were PiTool crashlog dumps – a bit more than 25000 of the listed files, each around 65k. :7


I just started to check, but I got only a tiny amount of old Pitool crashlogs from 2017/2019, and no new stuff. So there must be something different on your side, I guess.
Instead, I found Microsoft scrap everywhere.
For me, this tool has some similarities with Piriform products, very dangerous, crashed my system several times. So I do it manually or with tiny scipts (same critical issue).

No doubt. (It has also been quite a long time, now, since I last made another futile attempt to find any way to get even remotely comfortable with my p8kX, and I didn’t think to take note of the range of date stamps on the files, so they could all have been fairly old… I had still managed to amass them, though, what ever caused them. :7)

Deleting unknown stuff is always scary, and I did hesitate several minutes before deciding to just leave that entire utterly overwhelming number of tickmarks on, and hitting the nuke button; No obvious disaster signs yet… (knocks on wood) :7

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