Pitool cannot play modern oculus store games made with OpenXR

Hi Pimax Devs,

I am just writing this, to point out an issue I have recently discovered with Bonelab.

It seems that the ability to play games from oculus store that use OpenXR can not be played on Pimax headsets, due to the game throwing an error about using the wrong XR runtime.

I this case using @mbucchia 's Pimax Open XR runtime.

It would seem that the only wau around this is if Pimax did their usual Revive - style magic here.

Seeing as Pimax still doesn’t have an official XR runtime , I’m sure the likely hood of these kinds of games running on PImax headsets are slim.

But at least I have drawn attention to it, since until now running oculus store games is still a feature of Pimax Client and Pitool.

Here is the log of the error Pastebin


I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding about what Bonelab does.

Bonelab on SteamVR does use OpenXR.

Bonelab on Oculus store seems to be built for OVR (legacy Oculus), not OpenXR.

I believe the Revive magic should work as-is but somehow this game might do something different from other OVR games.

@drowhunter you should attach the log you got. As far as I remember, nothing in that log showed OpenXR being used at all.


Updated my original post with the logs

I guess I’m getting confused with the following


This is confusing to me too to be honest… they’re refering to OVR which is the legacy Oculus VR API. Not related to OpenXR.

I think this page sheds some light:

It looks like their OVR Plugin might now be bridging to OpenXR, in spite of the naming being extra confusing!

But it also looks like its configurable between using legacy OVR and new OpenXR:

Who knows what Bonelab is doing.

I suppose one way to know for sure: can you try again, but before, delete or clear the PimaxXR log file. Make sure PimaxXR is set as OpenXR. Try running the game, and lets see if a new PimaxXR log file is created. If so please attach the log. This will tell us whether they actually try to load OpenXR…


Hi drowhunter:
Can you run other oculus game?
We have recently received several feedbcks on diferent Oculus games that cannot be run successfully.
The information you provided is very useful and we will check it with our team!


This is the first title to use open XR, and it probably won’t be the last.since open XR for future Oculus titles.

Still not convinced this version of the game uses OpenXR. Did you check what I mentioned above?