Pitool Beta v1.0.1.271

Dear all,

We would love to invite you all to download the beta version 271. This version is not release on the official site yet, so you may need to download via link below.Please give us feedback on this patch, as this is gonna be great for us to fix any bugs before turn into official.

Pitool Beta V.271 Log

  1. Update the headset firmware flashing program.
  2. Optimized the compatibility for the 5K Super.
  3. Fixed an issue where the language of the dialog box is different with Pitool.
  4. Fixed a problem that causes the SteamVR Installation Tutorial Link to fail.
  5. Syncronized the 90Hz Pitool and Nvidia drivers for compatibility.
  6. Additional bug fixes and optimizations.

Download the Beta Version at here!


Have a nice day!