PiTool 274 Hidden Area Mask

PiTool 274 Hidden Area Mask not only doesn’t work but also causes freezes and CTD’s.

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You should uninstall completely and reinstall, then reboot before first run. I am on 274 too and my hidden area mask is still working fine!


How do you know it’s working?

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If it doesn’t look like this, isn’t working.

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There is an issue with Hidden Are Mask; it freezes the game, and the mask disappears, but the PiTool is still checked.

What is that video supposed to show? You just filmed the setting that tells PiTool to not fully close when you press the windows X button but hide to taskbar. If you think thats the hidden area mask toggle, then jeez how bad can you be at english…

I am having the same issue.
The mask half works for steam room, but only half. And I can turn it on and off so steam room and see the difference.
On = corners cut
off = square with corners.

I do not have a complete left eye.
in small I have what looks like too right eyes.
Here one pic mask OFF.

Mask ON small FOV

ON Large FOV

Mask ON Normal FOV

Mask ON Potato FOV

They all look wrong. The right eye looks ok, the left looks wrong.

This is Project Cars2, Mask on, Large FOV, @90 FPS.

Something about the menu!

um works fine for me i think

at steam home i can see curves cornes when its on an square cornes when is off

is there another thing to see o feel?


What I did was uninstall PT/ delete any folder related to it, restart your PC, and reinstall PT again.

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That is the correct description. Thanks for confirming.
However, if you look at my photos above, there is more to it that just the corners. I think there is something wrong, and that i why i am asking?

@angeli662 I can not watch your video: i am in china and that makes the video not accessible.

That may work.

That was the wrong video anyway, but what you are experiencing was the same issue, which was corrected when I uninstall PT and reinstall it.

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