Pitool 271 and PE

Pitool 271 has under Settings General an item “Experience Home” to launch PE

a) Should i use the installer of PE 0.86 or Pitool 271 have already downloaded the latest Pitool ?

b) Where are saved the files of PE inside W10 ?

Thank you

I think the Ptool version is 273. I would download the 272, and it will tell you to update to 273; from there, if you decide to use PE, it will also ask you if you want to download PE.


You need to download the Pimax Experience from Pitool.

C:\Program Files\Pimax\PE

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Thank you Pitool 271 downloaded PE 0.85 first time

To execute it i don’t have to run steam vr after pitool

However when i wear the HMD, I have an issue

I do not find PE in front of me in 3D space but for example very low or behind my position

and i cannot use it with Index controllers

Lucky with keyboard i managed advanced settings of steamvr for maxrecommendedresolution etc

but i would like to use it to execute games and for now i can’t

Is it an issue of 0.85 ?

have I to install again to solve this issue ?

Are there commands to move the position and save it ?

You probably already tried this, but a thumb-stick press using the index controllers will center the PE console in front of you.


No, i will try tomorrow
Thank you

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