Pitool 262 Any Feedback on Backlight Brightness Option?

Did anybody try it, any noticeable difference?

I saw a post on reddit from today where a guy complained that with his own debug tool implementation he was able to reach almost identical brightness as his og vive, it’s not doable though with the new BB option, but he complained that newer firmware dropped that feature & his implementation stopped to work.

I wonder how good BB is? If you have HMDs that supports it please let us know.

Thanks in advance


backlight works on my old 8K Pimax. Maximum backlight looks great.


Is maximum backlight safe for your eyes after long sessions?

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I don’t notice any difference between 0 and 4. 5k+


I use OLEDs HMDs since 2016 quite intensively I didn’t notice any eyes degradation yet & they are a way brighter than LCD display, only Index is on par in brightness regard.

But I can’t answer this question for everybody, e.g. everyday we see very bright objects at day light IRL outdoor. What I experience on Pimax 5+ without BB (didn’t have a chance to test yet the new option) is way lower acceptable brightness level for me

Backlight brightness option only works in 90hz mode on my 5k+ / 203. (I really want to fix this backlight it is so important)

144hz and 120hz backlight settings change nothing unfortunately.

On pitool 258 120hz was my preferred setting and backlight was good.

However on a good note!! i see a nice jump in performance fps again in 90hz/120hz/144z in Project cars 2 on current Pitool 262 and firmware 264.

EDIT: 72z brightness dose not change but looks slightly brighter though not as bright as 90hz. pcars2 72hz mode is awesome with no motion smoothing as i can hit 72hz no problem now. Buttery smooth with no artifacts or ghosting due to the fact i can turn off motion smoothing etc. Gtx1080 Oc/ R5 3600x.

     Pcars 2 settings
  • textures High/ medium
  • trilinear
  • Msaa full
  • Shadows off in multiplayer
  • rest are very low settings or off
    -Steam vr 30%
    -pcars application 100%
    -Pitool 1.5
    -Normal fov
    -skipcrowds launcher
    -(PP on) as oculus trick looked much worse for me.

Sorry way off topic just very happy with pitool performance now.


I’ve tried all the backlight brightness settings on my 8K at 80 Hz. It worked great.

I have tended to use a dim backlight in the past, so that the starfield in Elite D (my main VR app) is nice and dark. I was surprised at how much the brightest setting improved my immersion, in a station and while out in space (where I saw more and brighter stars). I’ve settled on “3” (the next to the brightest setting) as the best balance between dark and light areas. That might also extend the life of the backlight over the brightest setting. In addition, I’ve set Contrast to +1 and Brightness to -1.


RIP GPU Catalyst. lol

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Yes the brightness in elite looked better i used 90hz as i can’t maintain 72hz in stations.
ETS 2 also looked great at 72hz as it hates motion smoothing it seems.
What surprised me is how nice 72hz can be without motion smoothing… I know i am late to party on this revelation but an 8kx at 75hz might actually be really cool in some sims/games.

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The 5k+ absolutely can be as bright as the vive and it didn’t even wash out text with white background. Used it for hours on end. The old 25L 25R command in this now non functional tool was excellent.
The forest vr, which I play a lot, is largely on beach, and until I was using this command, it felt like it was indoors and the sun was muted.
I really wish that tool could be brought back or let people use “experimental” backlight levels.
I never had any heating issues at all. I suspect because lcd has been around for decades, and is currently very robust to conditions of heat.

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Being outdoors is WAY worse.

Conceptually the catalyst was an amazing idea. It just didn’t work though. Even going from 0 to 1 just made it a stuttery hot mess.


Just tried 262 … the improved brightness is great!
Every 8K user should upgrade to 262. Finally the 8K isn’t so dim.


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