PiTool 261 beta - where is the button for native resolution and scaled-up resolution?

The release nots for PiTool 261 beta mention a button was added for native resolution and scaled-up resolution.

I can’t find said button.

I have an 8K+. I assume this would apply to the 8K+ as it performs upscaling to get 8K.

I would like to try running w/o the upscaling in iRacing to see if it eliminates the blurriness of all objects that are not immediately in front of my car.

Pitool Beta

PitoolRelease Notes

June 28, 2020

Release Notes(Updated)

  1. Bug of headset unable to start in version 260 fixed.
  2. Bug of video interface detection error in environmental diagnosis fixed.
  3. Selection button added for native resolution and scaled-up resolution.
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Nope, this button is for the X


Yes. 8K+ (like 8K) is upscaling only and 8KX has the possibility to bypass the upscaler.


I wonder if the ghosting in the 8k+ is addressed - if you push it to 110Hz you can clearly cause the HMD to bring up ghosting if you do fast head movement (left/right). I guess the panels of the 8k+ and so the 8k x need a bit of tweaking for those refresh rates.
@Heliosurge do you know if there is an issue/bug tracker for the software? Would be something to have so stuff can be “voted” in and we can see when things are being addressed. Its less likely to slip then just by forum posting the stuff. Something like Bugzilla (EDIT Mantis ) or maybe that hooks up into git hub.

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I suggested that in the Now questions thread too :slight_smile:


Sorry - i do miss quite a few posts i guess - but then it shows that you where right at least by a vote of one other mind :slight_smile:

  • seems like Déjà-vu - didn’t we have this before already, that I “reposted” what you said before ? I seem like your mental echo :laughing: :+1: must have some quantum entanglement in our minds :wink:

Yeah, I think so… :grin:

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I made an update regarding the upscale mode and 8KX, please have a look:



It is something they still need to work on l. Similarly like better release notes.


Definetly also a good thing about git, bug tracker, jira and such, it’s easier to see what was adressed and if you comment your commits release notes are easier :blush: and more so the development


One bug, one branch.

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