Pitool 259 Issues

Please Post Pitool 259 Issues here. This Post is a Wiki use the pencil to add issues.

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  1. Index Controller: Tracking improved but still needs more optimization.
  2. 5k+: Panel is Dim/Dark. Please Enable Panel backlight control.
  3. 5k+: ghosting in 144hz mode
  4. Fixed Foveate Rendering: Not working.
  5. Halved render resolution,: on purpose or is this a bug?
  6. Wish-list: Turn off chevron LEDs
  7. Wish-List: Optional setting to have headset remain off if pc reboots. (Like Bios remember last power state).
  8. Refresh rate: 64hz checkbox is missing (at least in 5k+ series 203)
  9. GPU Catalyst: some values create stutters only on right eye display (at least in 5k+ series 203). For some users, any value other than 0 create stutters/judder
  10. Performance: 10 to 20% less fps than 253 for same resolution
  11. Pitool Crash: Pitool crashes to desktop if started with the Headset connected and ON
  12. Controllers Unresponsive: On occasion, a steamVR app won’t respond to controller input until the SteamVR menu is opened and closed. (Could be SteamVR 1.11.13 related)
  13. Issue: ?