Pitool 144 Fixed GDrive Link


Link Sharing was off my apologies.


But is still the best and latest?
Would love to see a thread that keeps track but without gibberish talk

I can’t say which is best. But have generally kept moving forward. But mainly play on the 8k. is the latest version released.

what is the unzipping password? tks

There is no password it’s not zipped.

That this thread is so popular only proves how much of a widespread issue this stutter problem is. Since this is not a discussion channel but just a fixed link for some old software from July or so that fixes the issue. Whatever Pimax did with versions after 144, I dare to say it propably cause more harm then good. That is, if I’m still rightly informed that the change that caused all this issue is a fix to improve graphics card utilisation. Some people, maybe even many, have a few percentages better performance, but so many are stuck now on months old software because of it. Usually performance improving features like this are marked as experimental and a ‘opt in’ option, instead of widely distributed. I get that things might not be that easy in developement, but I can just imagine how much harm the way Pimax handled this cause them. How many people bought this headset full price and installed the current version of the software, only to discover the headset is having stutters? Generally only a small subset of users actually look into problems like that and discover fixes. I imagine most just sent the headset straight back to the reseller, or if that is not possible are now deeply dissatisfied and will pass a bad reputation of the headset on to their friends.

6 posts? Yes many with the 5k seem to have stutter problems. Significant number for sure to warrant a fix and with the newer forum layout should help get issues more easily highlighted.

It’s hardly only 6 posts. You of all people should know how many threads about this problem there are, since you answered most. I’m happy to compile a list if wanted. It’s only 6 posts in the thread about the fixed download link. Since most people only come here for the link.
The layout is better yes, I agree. The only issue I’m having with the forum is the design. Specificially the color design on the front page. There are too many and they are to saturated. But I could be alone in this opinion, so it does not really matter.
I still maintain, the Pimax is a great product and deserves more attention. If I express my frustration about the Pimax issues, it is only because I do care about Pimax and hope they do better.

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I know of the other threads. Should have put a smiley. :laughing:

It would be interesting to see how much this issue is an effect overall. But need folks all in one place to collect the data to avoid duplicates. Up until recently mainly been 5k users and now 1 8k.

I haven’t had the issue on my 8k and would need to dust off the 5k and compare in titles others experience it in.

Forum colors not sure. I stick to the dark theme

getting crashes with 254 alpha and iracing, never had this before

Does someone here have 144? I don’t have acess to mine right now and this link is broken. It links to a zip with a password.

Yes there is a post here will find link


There is only a link to the same zip file for 144 which is password locked.

Ah not sure where I got that one then as should not be zipped.

I’ve found 144 is the ONLY one that runs AT ALL on my system.
windows 7 with gtx1080 before everyone says just upgrade to w10
I did work with 253 but steam update happened and it stopped. The only
solution was 144. Horrendous stuttering but steamvr can see it. Every other
version steamvr sees the hardware but says the headset is on standby and nothing
else is tracking, can’t even do room setup in steam but pitools thinks it’s all good.

Anyone know what it can be?

Have you tried Roomsetup in pitool?

One of the difficulties with W7 is more and more things will become less compatible requiring one to block things like Steam even from updating(not sure if were there yet).

We’d need a few other w7 users to weigh in as I think there are still some running it with some success.

Yes room setup in pitools if fine. I thought of reverting to an older version of steamvr but couldn’t find instructions.

There are some guides but it’s not an easy task compared to rolling back drivers and such.

There maybe openvr room calibrater? That may work.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

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