Pitool 129 is the best version for iRacing

after 129 update, smart smooth finally is working great in iRacing.

I cannot notice it’s reprojection or not while I’m in Driving. it feels like 80 fps steady.

if you watch reply, that is a different story. many distortion is appear, but that is not big deal.

Most of time I use VR for playing iRacing, Pimax, you did great job.

But for Skyrim VR, the smart smooth is meshed up there are too many distortions.

I hope soon it would be fixed. Can I change older Pitool when I play Skyrim? the firmware is updated as 129

so I’m not sure it can work properly


I also play iracing on Pimax 5K +.
I have not tried 129 yet.
If SS works well I will go to a large FOV.
I am very looking forward to it.

proper Brainwarp (smart smooth) working, it give robustly increase its performance.

You just need 45 fps to fill whole frame. I don’t feel any major distortion. It gives really nice and smooth screen, Have a try it.

official Pitool version is not good for iRacing, it gives me constant juddering.

129? How?

You have to download it and instal it :slight_smile:


It’s a beta so that’s why it doesn’t show up… :wink:

They really should have a “beta” opt-in option in PiTool. I would always use the beta (like I do with SteamVR) unless it’s broken in which case You can opt-out again temporarily.