PiTool broken rendering

Got my 5k+ today (yay) but I’m having some issues with PiTool.

As in the image, PiTool fails to render whenever the HMD is on. Amusingly, when the HMD is not on/connected it renders just fine. The windows popup on the toolbar seems to render correctly…

Does PiTool require some other package to function? Or am I doing something stupid?

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It looks like you have something interfering. Maybe try uninstalling & install pitool 91. There is also a new beta featuring Some Brainwarp is smartsmoothing & refresh selection.

Addotional stuff installed from memory is visual redistribute & direct-X. Am curious though your taskmanager is showing steam bootstrap is running high.

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers.

Think the bootstrap was just from steamhome rendering.

After a couple of hours of fiddling, what seems to have worked was restarting Windows multiple times. Which sounds idiotic, but something was catching i guess. Every time I restarted, more of PiTool would load until after the (4th? time) it finally started behaving.

So for antiquity, the solution is just keep restarting Windows until it works.

Now I get to worry about the more interesting stuff, optimizing and getting the unit to fit on my face properly :slight_smile: