Pitool Beta

September 2, 2022

Dear all,

We’d like to offer an invitation to all of you to check out the Beta Version 281 . Since it version has not yet been released on the official site, you may need to download via the link below. Please provide feedback on this patch, as it will recognise any issues before making it official.

Pitool Release Notes:

1. Optimize Sword controller compatibility;

2. Improve the stability of the forced firmware upgrade;
Avoid the headset stuck in DFU mode.

3. Fixed for partially 8KX headsets not displaying 60/75HZ and Upscale Mode;

4. Added one-click recommended settings feature (Low system specification)

5. Additional bug fixes and optimizations.

Download Link :

Your Pimax Team.


I thought forced firmware updating has been removed why are they moving backwards?

Is this pitool separate from the recently released pimax Client?