PiTool Beta bug

Date: 2022. 9. 6. PM 10:52
Issue Title: PiTool Beta bug
Can’t start SteamVR. That’s all.
The SteamVR program itself becomes unresponsive, detects an add-on conflict, or throws a steamvr 475, 308 error.
I can’t believe they released a beta version without testing it.

HMD Model: 5K Super
First 3 Numbers Serial: 200
Pitool Version: beta
HMD Firmware: PiTool can’t detect HMD. previous
Tracking: Lighthouse

System Info

  • Windows Version: Windows 11
  • CPU: ryzen 9 5900x
  • RAM: 64GB
  • Motherboard: msi x570 carbon
  • GPU Model: rtx 3080 ti
  • GPU Driver: 516.94
  • SteamVR Version: None. steamvr keep unresponsive.
  • Oculus Version: None.

Attachments (Pics/Video etc…)

None. Have you tried running it yourself?

I rollback to pitool and it works fine now.

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280 works as well.

I found that as long as you let your computer load completely and then start the new pitool I don’t have a problem with it if I start pitool 1st then everything gets laggy and I wind up having to restart the whole system. One thing I can say about the new pitool it’s more stable as far as my game’s running on it. On the old pitool I had to restart it quite a few times because the screen would be jumping around.

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I can also confirm this.

Om my end it always wants a new guide to install the headset.
i agree ,pitool beta kills itself

i do start it again, cancel the guide process and end up in a working pi tool expirience…all the time, does not borther me, thou…

Not the same bug, but I have another one to report with PiTool. Before, I used to be able to use FFR from the VRPerfkit without issue in many games. It was useful when it came to customizing the circle so as not to ruin recordings or in cases where Pimax’s didn’t work.

But in PiTool 280 and later I am now very frequently crashing when using FFR. Reverting back to PiTool .273 fixed the issue and I can use FFR without worry again.

Seems like .281 is working okay at my end. Opens SteamVR okay. Not having any problems yet with this Beta.