Pitool problem with Pimax 5k+


Just tried Pitool v1.0.1.264 with my Pimax 5k+ series 203. After updating there was a red color bleed in the lower half of the left eye. Sometimes it was yellow in the upper half.

Reverted back to Pitool v1.0.1.263 and all is well again.

restart computer and cut power to the headset once to restart it (cold start)


Installed Pitool v1.0.1.264 again after completely deleting any old Pitool remnants, and now it works fine.

Thanks for the hint about restarting the computer though!

Installed pitool 264 tonight with my 5k+. Ran for about an hour adjusting color brightness and fps 90/120/144. So far so good. Haven’t found the settings I like best yet but will continue to adjust.

Installed Pitool 264. Backlight does not work at 120 and 144 Hz. But the color is a bit reddish. So I went to each individual color ( red, green,blue) and found them all at +1/-1. Made them all 0 and then red alone -1/-1. And the colour was fine. But because of low brightness, I am moving back to 262

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Does this do anything about the eye tracking not turning off when the headset is off? @Miracle