Pitool FW 255 - Dec 18 2019

Pitool FW 255 Beta



Release Notes: (DRAFT)

Release Notes Dec 18 2019


New Features:

  1. Integrated New User Guide.
  2. Integrated Ticket Submission.(Will get more details)
  3. Potato FoV implemented on some Models.

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  1. Oculus Game support Updated. (Ie Stormland)
  2. Improved Controller Compatibility for some games like Nostos.
  3. Improved stability with refresh rate changes.
  4. Improved 3dof Gyro stability.

Pimax 4k/B1

  1. Fixed reduced FoV.

Pimax 5k+

  1. Improved Distortion profile for 120hz mode.

Amd 5700 Compatibility:

  • Note Only supports max refresh Rate. Lower Refresh rates has display issues.

Other Notes

  1. As each headset model requires to reevaluate Brightness level. This version temporarily disabled Backlight brightness adjustment. Will be enabled in next release.