Pistol Whip Smoke And Thunder In The Pimax 8KX

Today I’m jumping back into Pistol Whip from Cloudhead games to check out the recently released Smoke and Thunder update. I am playing this today in my Pimax 8KX because I really wanted to see it in the higher resolution and for the fact that having a bit of peripheral vision really helps in this game since I can see the enemies that are coming at me from the sides more clearly. The game also plays and looks great in the Quest 2 and Rift but I wanted to really see the playing field much better which is what my Pimax headsets allow me to do!

I have to say its been a while since I played this one and Cloudnead has done an outstanding job with all of the improvements and updates to Pistol Whip since I last played it shortly after it launched last year! If you are looking for a great rhythm game and prefer guns to lightsabers like I do then I would highly recommend giving this one a look!

You can grab a copy of Pistol Whip on your platform of choice below:

Quest / Quest 2:

Rift -




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