Pistol Whip is awesome!

Just gonna have to say Pistol Whip is a blast!

You like Beat Saber? You also like to shoot guns at people?
You also like to get a leg workout?

Whip that Pistol, boy!


Yeah it’s a pretty fun game. Definitely gets you moving.

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Like the game alot, but on my 5K+ the image is so… pixelated? Like it’s rendered in a very low resolution. Lines are very jagged, and there is a shimmer (like a moving pixellated transparent overlay) everywhere I look (for instance, the posters for the level selection are just so blurry. And I’m not talking about the decor that pulsates on the beat, of course).

Just this game, so I’m not sure if this is the style of the game (feels like an upscaled 480x360 resolution :smile:), or is something wrong in rendering this game?

I have this game. I haven’t played it much, but when I did I don’t remember it looking that bad.

Yea, nah. I don’t have issues here either. Did you check your render settings in pitool / ingame / steamVR?

Settings are pretty straight forward, or so I thought: PiTool 1.25 and SteamVR automatic (or better to fix it on 100%?)
Edit: ingame there isn’t much to set: 2 options if I recall correctly… one for shadows, and I forgot the other one :slight_smile:

i7-9700K / RTX2080Ti, so those settings shouldn’t be too taxing

I’ll have another look tonight. Any settings suggestions are welcome, of course :smile:

Something else must be wrong because this shouldn’t cause any problems of pixelation as you describe

Think I found the issue but need to test a bit more… Deactivating Fixed Foveated rendering (FFR) in PiTool gives a much cleaner image…


That’ll definitely do it. :+1:

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I love this game. I actually enjoy it quite a bit more using the Rift. Their controllers are pistol-grip anyway and just feel more natural for gunplay than the Vive wands.

Can’t wait for the modding community to start making custom tracks. I’ve already got a few ideas myself. Gonna’ be a bit more work than Beatsaber since there are rail-scrolling 3D environments to go with it, but this has potential for some epic sh*t.

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Do you not have the Index controllers? If not, I HIGHLY suggest grabbing them. They’re soooo much better than the wands.

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I don’t but I’m out of budget for now. Pimax has taught me I’m actually a poor man with a little bit of savings. Thanks Pimax.


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