PiPlay_Setup_3.0.0.85 - Home page broken

Hello there,
I came out of the boxes my pimax 4k with the nolo vr system to play No mans sky Vr (i will talk in other topic)

So when i lunch pitool i got an error page :

why do u think please :

How fix this please ?

Thanks all

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Not sure they might have stopped support of piplay. @anon74848233 @matthew.xu

I think @enopho said Pitool 132 works with p4k. But you lose Video mode.

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Pimax 4k is no more supported by Pimax :cry:

on piplay download that’s said :

using this version for pimax4k

But you are talking of the last piplay release : Version:v1.0.0.132

do think i try it with my pimax4 and nolovr system or still use thi old unsuported version


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Not piplay but pitool.

ok so i uninstall all Piplay pitool i got and i install the last pitool ?

So i remove piplay and i install pitool last release


not working

i got this on pitool :

but if i try to start the room parameter :

and when i start steamVR :

no controlleur and no headset traking :’"(’

Just question about nolo, the batterier is fast empty, but if i charge it; we can using it

The pitool I think is working for Nolo. i think is 132. @TheDeaX might know.

ok so now, i install Pitool and piplay.

i will try tonight


ok so i test

and i still have this no fluid vision

is slowling i got a very bad slow view

how i can fix this

i can’t found the good config

my cmputer is a laptop MSI GP62mvr

Core i5 - 16 Go - 1 To SSD - GTX 1060

why is tooo slowwww

I cant comment on whats best with Nolo as i avoided those controllers when all the bad press came out about them. however, slow in Pitool… check that Pitool is set to 1.0 render and also in steamvr untick the enable custom resolution in the VIDEO options of steamvr. and use APPLICATIONS item and set the resolution per eye (per application) in there… see screenshots below.

turn off:

set your resolution slider here:

if we are talking about the Pimax 4K here, turn off in the Brainwarp menu… Smart Moothing and Compatible with VIVE only… as shown below:

set the resolution in the Pitool software as 25601440 (assuming your machine can run that resolution… if not change it to 19201080

finally… ensure that your in game resolution and graphics settings are not too high. the GTX 1060 comes in a few flavors… including a 3gb and 4gb card… assuming you;re using the 4gb graphics card then its a mid range card so don’t push the card too hard. the 3gb card is towards the lower end for vr, so try going towards the lower end of graphics.

with regards to ONLY the 4k (without NOLO) i find on the latest version of Pitool v1.0.1.132 the fps are a little lower but the spacial depth is better than the older (both versions are using firmware the older pitool version was good and i did have slightly better fps in games, but the brightness was a little dull, and the ghosting is still bad in both versions unfortunatly. it would be good if Pimax could at least attempt a fix for the ghosting as for me that is a major stumbling block for true immersion. The newer version offers some features that do not work in the 4K like Brainwarp, so turning them off helps a bit. also reduce the pitool render slider to 1.0 as the older version i cranked it all the way up to 3.0 and they actually look the same now anyway. you also get contrast and brightness per eye as features… but for me there is something not quite right with the way they work and it kind of messes the saturation of colours when you change them…



hello there,
Thanks for u response :slight_smile:

Mmy gtx1060 is 3gb :

i got parameter like u says

but i still got slow movement with controleur, and the headset some time lose tracking, so i have some shake.

welll is not stable.

the 3d worl look like good and not losing fps, the problem is the tracking, and the lose trcking controleur or headset

do u know how get logs ?

to see if the tracking os losing ?
if the usb port don"t have the good power, i don’t know how debug the system ,?


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sorry cant help there, i am not using controllers, I use a HOTAS joystick for my simming. the tracking on the 4K uses Giro’s in the headset. and the only kind of issues you should get is the face forward direction, which can be easily fixed. i dont have any issues with giro tracking being off.


Yhanks for u respond, but the headtracking on my configuration is used by the noloVR system, and now i m sure the tracking with nolo, is not good to have a good experiance.

maybe with two camera, but nolo don"'t propose a single camera buying :(-

i think i lost my money :’(

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