Piplay Pimax4k+NOLO VR controller rotation problem

I buy noloVR from official site (nolovr . com)

and try to use it with Pimax 4k headset.

I install piplay and run steamvr. (Piplay includes nolo driver)

and i have a problem: nolovr controllers in steam vr does not rotate and stay in one position.

I can move it in X,Y,Z but if i rotate it, nothing happens.

On android it works! So i think it is software problem.

I include 2 videos (PC Steam VR with rotation problem) and Android (rotation is ok)

What i try to do:

Double press power button to reset orientation (orientation will reset but rotation still not work)

Reinstall windows 10. On new installed system controllers also not rotate.

Install all versions of Piplay. On each version controllers also not rotate.

Install nolo VR driver for windows. if i run VISUALIZER from noloVR driver, controllers also not rotate.

can u help me please, because i know that nolovr controllers can rotate and without rotation i can’t normal play vr games.

I can allow access my PC from teamviewer and etc…(if u need) to help solve problem.

thanks u, alex

Video 1 (PC Steam VR with rotation problem) https://mega.nz/#!xw0Hga4R!FrsDEDnkZJ_QQSQWj7OkmVwPlA0OPZv3l_j5RSzu35c
Video 2 (Android rotation is ok) https://mega.nz/#!Zw0xwYQb!jUUSOPLSQJqKVnsZN1EcFxzXAzuTxiOXZSFMAhAqIcM

@Pimax-Support @Sean.Huang

nolo’s latest firmware is not compatible with pimax. request firmware downgrade to nolo.

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Hi @park , Is this latest firmware (Nolo VR) compatible with Pimax 8K or this only apply to Pimax 4K???


Hi, Latest firmware is not compatible with both 4k and 8k.

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Hi @park, Do you know if we can use Pimax 8K HMD usb-c connector with Nolo Headset marker ??

Thank you

can use.


I’ve found a way to use the latest firmware, which is a little bit cumbersome.
Applying the latest firmware solves the issue of rotating the controller direction.

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http://forums.nolovr.com/discussion/826/pimax-8k-5k-4k-using-nolo-vr-with-the-latest-firmware#latest Is solution for pimax!!!

Thanks for your solution!

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http://forums.nolovr.com/discussion/826/pimax-8k-5k-4k-using-nolo-vr-with-the-latest-firmware#latest check new issue

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