Piplay is working on the Pimax 4k

Just letting you know that the latest pitool does work on the Pimax 4k.

That version is currently using firmware

no issues with installation however, after installation you need to change the language to english if that is your preferred language. before you use it. With this version you gain the added features of contrast per eye and brightness per eye.
Note that smart smoothing does not appear to work with the 4k.



Thanks for this

on my config im using the piplay1.0.1.132 and works very good, the quality of the headset is very cool

when i play on Oculus CV1 u see fast the difference, for me the screeen is tooo better on the pimax 4k, but of course the FOV and the controlleur missing, but u can see a movies on the pimax4k



i dont know if its just me or not but i installed the pitool software to try with my 4k , i got really bad preformance with screen freezing and what not. after a few weeks of my pc running like crap and a few blue screens of death i noticed all my free space on my C drive was just disappearing. my good friend remote connected and found out pretty quickly that the pi.service was causing some issue. so i deleted pitool and my pc is back to normal.

not sure if its related but at about the same time that i downloaded the pitool software from the offical pimax site i started to get scam emails claiming to have my password and footage of me from my webcam “i dont have a webcam” . so after removing pitool my pc is back to running great and has been cleared to have no viruses and what not. just a heads up incase i got a bad copy or the software.

So… Your hard drive filled up without reason and you got scam emails when using the same pitool installer as everyone else?

Yet Noone else has this issue?

I would suspect that this is a coincidence that you have malware around the time you installed pitool. I would also like to point out that just removing pitool will not remove the malware. Email scam emails are usually because your email address has been captured. You can enter your email address here to see if it may have been captured. https://haveibeenpwned.com/

In regards to the malware. There are many tools that can scan your machine in an attempt to remove the malware, but I would refer you to a malware removal forum rather than a pimax community forum for this. Something like Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help Forum - BleepingComputer.com


It doesn’t on my 4K. I got a old driver Piplay and then the USB couled be settled. But the HDMI still can’t be connected. The light on my glass is not bright so I doubt that the video wire may be broken.