Pimax's Kevin Henderson | Live Bonus Episode


I’m probably violating self-promotion stuff here so maybe someone else can repost if needed, but Gary and I will be going live with Kevin Henderson at 3PM (EST). We have prepared questions but since it is live we will relay audience questions as well, to the best of our ability.



Great show, totally worth watching, good questions and there’s a lot of interesting information by Kevin.
Didn’t mind spending the time on it, but could also be listened to on a longer commute. :+1:


Since this was a long interview, and we had no idea how much time Kevin had available, I wanted to add the timestamps here so everyone can see the questions asked. Simply clicking the timestamp for the question you’re interested in will jump to that question in the video. It’s painful to try and scrub through such a long video. I’m biased of course as one of the show-hosts, but I think Kevin laid out some good information for the Pimax and VR community.

@Heliosurge I wouldn’t complain if this got stickied ;D

Q: Kevin, tell us about yourself, your tech history and how it lead to Pimax? [4:08]
Q: Did you ever try in of the early VR machines in the 80s or 90s? [8:48]
Q: Communication from Pimax is a concern, as Spokesperson will be improving communication? [11:46]
Q: Pimax was supposed to ship in early 2018, but it ended up being 1-year later, was there a particular holdup? [17:50]
Q: You mentioned an 8% defect rate, it seems the cable is the biggest culprit, what steps has Pimax done to rectify that and other quality issues? [24:34]
Q: What are Pimax’s distribution plans heading into general release? [28:51]
Q: Will the audio strap be shown at GTC? [31:02]
Q: Should we expect parallel or linear development and release of accessories? [33:55]
Q: Will the wireless module require compression, and are Pimax partnering with another company on the module? [38:23]
Q: Has there been any talk with other tracking systems other than SteamVR, such as Mo-Sys? [40:51]
Q: Is there a chance for Pimax to make a tracking puck? [42:57]
Q: Is there any news or updates on lighthouse availability? [43:20]
Q: What is the status of the 8KX, and have you tried it? [46:25]
Q: We assume you have a 5k+, 8k, and 5kBE. Which is your favorite? [50:28]
Q: Can you talk about anything Pimax had to hone in on, such as the lenses, and will there be additional refinements? [53:16]
Q: Let’s talk about the Oculus software support integrated into PiTool. Is it Revive or Pimax solution? How will it be supported going forward? [1:00:16] Q: Is there a difference in the LCD panels for newer builds vs older builds? [1:04:46]
Q: Can you update us on the eye-tracking module? [1:09:14]
Q: Where do you see VR going in the next few years? Not just from Pimax perspective, but industry wide? [1:13:33]
Q: The Community likes you, but they still want a Kickstarter update for each SKU, can you give us one? [1:18:52]
Q: Steve gets corrected on ending on a high-note (regarding delivery) [1:25:19]
Q: What are you favorite games to play on the Pimax, what do you look forward to playing? [1:28:22]
Q: What GPU do you use? [1:34:34]
Q: Do you adjust SS in PiTool or SteamVR? [1:34:02]
Q: Do you have any concerns of Pimax’s unique market window of wide-FOV could close with other hardware announcements like StartVR, Xtal, ect? [1:34:42]
Q: The floor is yours! [1:40:23]
Q: Do you think VR displace home TVs, home-cinema? If so, when? [1:48:49]
Q: Closing [1:51:46]


Saw it. I think Kevin @PimaxUSA is a great win for Pimax.
He’s got an impressive mix of skills (as already shown in the forum)
Especially keeping Pimax safe diplomatically but addressing issues without letting the customers felt left alone that their complaints are not heard, trying to make issues comprehensible. Talking a lot without saying anything is not unusual in his line of job, so I really like that he’s got a better approach. He also seems to have a technical background which makes him more trustable than just a show-off PR guy. Someone like that was FAR DUE and could have avoided massive problems, hope they make worth his while.


Nice episode yesterday. Very informative. Kevin is a great representative for Pimax.