PimaxPlay 1.16 cant update firmware

I have old 8K hmd (non +) and its working. But when i try update firmware in PimaxPlay 1.16 from 2267 to 2273 - its failed and nothing happens (HMD stay at 2267 version and keep working).

Im using windows 11. and i have a lot of different usb ports on board (from 3.1 to 4+). Maybe wrong usb?

Dfu update working well. But i havent latest firmware dfu file to do this. Where i can downlad 2273 firmware? Or how to fix PimaxPlay firmware update?

I don’t think pimax play should house any new firmware for the og 8k.

@PimaxQuorra cab likely verify.

We haven’t introduced any new firmware for the 8K series.

Here is the firmware link: P2_DEBUG_M270_t20210107171555_r99ad675.dfu - Google Drive

This firmware is intended for the non-8KX model.

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273 is not a new firmware. I just don’t have it as a separate file, and PimaxPlay doesn’t automatically flash it (although it shows that 273 is the latest (and this seems to be true, as far as I know). Although it may not be the best version.

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Thx alot. As far as I understand, this is version 270 (and I now have 267). I’m a programmer myself, and I’m only confused by the “debug” status. As a rule, this means the presence of debug functionality that often slows down the program. Doesn’t this affect the firmware speed in any way?

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I am sure you have noticed often pimax does not use standard file naming with versions.

I have been curious if the labeled debug versions are different than thr non debugged named same version numbers.

Now you might need a pimax debugging tool not packaged in the main software.

The debug status was developed for a hotfix during that particular patch when some users reported urgent bugs. Please be assured that this won’t impede the program or affect any functionality.

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