PimaxClient and it's admin rights

allright so I installed the new PIMAX CLIENT and I notice that the software gets started by the TASK SCHEDULER of windows, asking for confirmation that it can be run as admin.
First of all: this software should not need admin rights in the first place, since it should not interfere with the kernel at all.
Someone please explain to me why higher rights are needed.

Second: one could argue to just deactivate the UAC. Let me tell you that this is a bad idea, since you just open a door for malware taking controll of EVERYTHING. Don’t, just don’t - (trust me I am in IT for 15 years now).

So, the confirmation pop-up during user-logon is a pain. I suggest making it a SERVICE or tweaking the task-scheduler > Run it independend of the user-login with admin rights if you really need to.

here to help