@Pimax8k - The HMD is now priority #1

@Pimax8k - Congrats on the kickstarter selling out! But since you guys have made some big promises about controllers/extras, it would be nice to hear you confirm that you know the HEADSET is the reason people supported you, not the addons.

We can get controllers/lighthouses/addons from 3rd parties, but you are the only company with a headset like this. So please focus all your efforts on shipping the HMD as soon as possible, even if we have to wait for the other modules!


maybe you mean…ship when the thing is optimised and dont rush…xD


Well unfortunately they made some pretty bold claims about being able to ship the beginning of next year, so if they plan on failing to meet that deadline, they need to let people know now (before the kickstarter ends). That’s what I meant when I said ‘ship as soon as possible’…

The kickstarter isn’t sold out though, they’re still selling 5K headsets. It’s only the 8K and 8K X that’s sold out

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No they said start shipping Jan 2018 or did I miss a post about Jan 1st? Lol

Truth even if they shipped the firsr batch out Jan 31st they will have honored the Jan 2018 ship.

& I’d rather have a slight delay over it being Rushed. As others have said most Kickstarters have delays. But I am confident in their resolve.

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+1 to slight delay but better product if push comes to shove.