Pimax4k Red & green light random flash

hi there today i open my pimax headset to clean the dust inside i remove all cable and after finish and connect all back evrithing very carefuly my pimax flash red & green light i search in forum i see many people with same problem i make every step i read on this forum with fix with hacked version bios but no luck i am very sad because i can’t afford the cost for new 1 if this is dead any help for fix is welcome i try many times i chance all firmware version for pimax4k but same red & green light only :frowning: is there any other solution ???

there video firmware succes but the pimax4k stuck with red green light nothing chance :frowning: pimax 4k red & green light problem - YouTube

post update finaly after 10000000000 times reinstal firmware and instal the old 1 piplay and the new pitool strange thing happen my headset is back and work again like new finaly the forum help me alot with old post with same problem


Please give a link to this old version of piplay.

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old piplay >> MEGA
the hacked firmware is here >> MEGA unzip on your desktop

flash a FW manually tool is here >> MEGA unzip on your desktop
after this i setup this the latest firmware again


if you search on forum many post about this problem maybe 1 of them can help you serch red & green light on pimax forum mine works again

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angelopimax4k :greece: P4k, Thank you very much!

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