Pimax4k & nolo problems

hi all i have the pimax4k i have the pimax4k just 1 month after many serch for tracking solution i buy kinnect and many other things … i see on youtube many video pimax4k + nolo and finaly i buy nolo vr
with version piplay . i have alot glich my hand is very lagy… the performance on games is very bad with this version … i test with latest PiToolSetup_1.0.1.111_beta i see very good performance on games more fps beter resolution all nice on my pimax4k nolo vr more stable … but not perfect but i lose the option for 180 to 360 degree i want to use only 360 degree my nolo … …!! is there any trick to chance this ? on pitool? now the second question… i want use latest nolo firmware !!! plz pimax make update for all users no only for 5k 8k dont leave us back …pimax you forgot pimax4k users make the pimax big…!!! all us give money to support the pimax4k and this company why leave us now ? because 5k 8k ? i want to know if any update for pimax4k + nolo vr plz i want use my nolo vr with latest firmware i pay 299 euro for this … and i see now pimax & nolo stop work toghether why? i am stuck with old bugy nolo firmware and piplay plz add the new update from nolo on pittool!!! there is alot users with nolo!! i am sure i am very disapointed sory for my bad english but this is very bad this company is big now because pimax4k users pay you dont forget that !!! i want buy pimax8k in the future but how i can trust you ?? plz make somthing for pimax4k users with nolo because that you sell at the first steps don t forgot that …


There is a topic recently where some 4k users I think got a fix.

Check this topic. Goid to hear pitool 111 is working on 4k


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thanks again heliosurge but i dont have this problem

mine work with all version my 4k with all piplay version and with all pitool

the best for me is the PiToolSetup_1.0.1.111_beta my pimax4k run perfect on this but i use it with nolo vr… and PiToolSetup_1.0.1.111_beta have old nolo driver build in and nolo is not stable is very slow not smooth and the pitool version remove the option 180-360 degree for my nolo!!! i can play only with 180 degree and this not help if i want play fps games like war dust onward …etc
pimax need update the nolo drivers with latest nolo !!
with piplay version i have very bad fps performance on games !!! realy bad nolo lag like hell… but i have the swich solution button >>>> Imgur: The magic of the Internet
this swich button removed from pitool by pimax why???
i realy want use pitool but there no option like the old piplay to use my nolo for foul room scale :frowning:


Not sure but think Eno mentioned something about a new pitool to release for the p4k. It is possible maybe pitool 112 might have newer Nolo?

@anon74848233 @Doman.Chen @Sean.Huang


i speak with nolo support and this guys tell me alredy sent the latest driver nolo on pimax!! but pimax stil use the old driver i cant upgrade my nolo if i upgrade my nolo firmware pitool and piplay not recronize my nolo!!! and nolo vr support downgrade my device yesterday to the old this is the problem i hope pimax dont leave us back pimax stop support nolo users !! but without nolo pimax4k is garbage … i am very disapointed pimax sell many pimax4k unit because of nolo!!! before and now forgot that …!! and leave us back i pay 299 euro for nolo!! to make my pimax4k a good vr but … i find this bad support from pimax

Well if pimax has a newer driver sent by Nolo then it is either in pitool 111 or perhaps due in next release. Current newest pitool is 112 in banner pitool downloads.

@anon74848233 when is the new pitool for p4k set to release? Or even newest Nolo 4 pimax?

@Doman.Chen @Sean.Huang @pimaxusa

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oh thanks i see now i go to test

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Unfortunately I can’t say if it will have the new nolo firmware or not as there release notes have been lacking substance of late.

No not to worry pimax should have nolo new firmware at some point also for 5k & 8k units.

@park may have tips on how to get it working properly.

With kinect did you try both driver4vr (small fee) & kinectToVR (free)

@Park i see this answer from you on my email
:kr: π8k​:zap:π5k+
April 2

  1. nolo home 1.9 install
  2. firmware update
  3. pitoll install
  4. pitoll run
  5. nolo home run
  6. steamvr run

you will get very satisfactory results.

with whaT headset you test this ? 5k 8k ? becase with 4k pitool stuck here >>> Imgur: The magic of the Internet and my headset screen stuck on black or green you cant use last firmware from nolo with 4k

With pitool with nolo(could be wrong) you still need to turn LH tracking off.

Please use the firmware version supported by nolo home 1.9
4k, 5k, 8k are all compatible
Don’t set room in pitool

  1. nolo home 1.9.20 install ( http://download.nolovr.com/download/NOLO_HOME_Setup1.9.20.exe )
  2. firmware update
  3. pitool install
  4. pitool run
  5. nolo home run
  6. steamvr run
  7. standing roomsetup
  8. double click system button to calibrate the orientation

ok thanks i give a try soon but how i can upgrade my firmware to the last for 1,9 the firmware upgrade is auto on nolo home and take me to the 3,2 version thanks for reply and if that work is there any trick for 360 degrees? i have a lot games need 360 on my room here not help to play just 180… i have a lot thing inside on my room and block the base view in 180 degree only help me the 360 option like piplay version

nolo admin or TheDeaX will be able to help you.

The 360-degree game must use either a snap turn or a 180-degree turn button. I’m not bad at playing 360 degrees with nolo vr.


i sent now message to the nolo admin on fb i wait for support i hope your trick work because nolo is very bad with pimax the problem with 180 degree is not the snap is my room here i have smal room and i have a lot items on my room 180 degrees if i go down or prone items i have on my room for music keyboards guitars and other staf block the nolo base to see my controls thats why i need 360 option

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i give a try right now pimax support give me the ok thanks you again i come back for any new


my controls is back i cant recenter it and is very low on the floor

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yes that i make step by step

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ohhh god finaly this version work with latest nolo firmware now is perfect and very nice version not only for nolo this version have contrast & brightness settings perfect work :slight_smile: now i am hapy after so much bad days with nolo and pimax now work like a charm thanks Pitool 1.0.121 BETA FW 211

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