Pimax4k HDMI hack, mod?

I am writing this with a question wondering if anyone did try that. By looking on teardown

We can notice that there is a socket for HDMI and USB. What if we can just replace existing cable with more efficient, hightspeed HDMI? Or maybe even add displayport adapter? Did someone already try to do something like that?

You might get some improved speed with a different cable. But the bridge chip is hdmi 1.4b limited. But can’t hurt to try it.

Dp ti hdmi generally doesn’t work on headsets.

a more interesting mod would be if someone could get a MIC in that unit! was a sad day when i found out it did not have one built in!

visuals made up for it though…

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Indeed. Though I think probably have to use a bluetooth one or see if the usb has enough power yo power a usb mic.

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So there is some bridge chip on motherboard just for that 1.4b? Just asking since I am just a little bit of geek but really not that tech guy. If it is, is there some board schematics? Showing what is what etc?

PS: My Topic was a question since I did recently buy Pimax4k. Like a week ago but, I do not want to kill my warranty so quickly before doing any modifications.

after watching this video, I slowly move towards the modification of this headset.

I have plans to:

  • change the housing with GearVr - because as for me the current headset is terribly small and uncomfortable, and it will give me more space for additional solutions and also can be used to calibrate the distance of the screen also maybe increase FOV.

  • integration of the Astro A50 - because the lack of a microphone and the current sound quality do not satisfy me

  • add full head tracking which Pimax4k does not have

  • maybe add a small USB hub to be able to implement leapmotion in the future (luck of founds).

  • try to improve the quality by replacing HDMI and even maybe replacing it with DisplayPort (big maybe).

The last one is very intriguing but I also know that it requires a more professional hand. I do suspect that there are some simple solutions. As they say, easiest way is always hard to notice.

As you can see that there are a lot of potential improvements, ideas. Currently I am afraid only on losing the warranty. But if I will start assembling it, I will try to record everything so that some interested, those who are willing to see, know how it went.

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Bridge chips are always used for mobilw displays to interface with desktop graphics cards. You can’t just swap it out in an hmd unless built to support such things.

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Iv just read today, that there is some chip 1.4b on board. So without some kind of reverse engineering, it won’t work. I still wonder what if we use USB connectivity to stream as Riftcat do.
They are just only my thoughts.

Anyways, thank you Heliosurge for quick info.

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Your welcome. @crony is a great resource as he has experience building hmds.

Hackaday also has some vr projects.

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What we need is the 8k’s bridge chip inside of a new 4k, with a single CLPL panel (the one in the 8k, ) for a new 4k version. Keep the FOV at 110, and charge half of what you would for the 8k.

You should be able to run dual 1920x2160 at 90hz with the single brudge chip from within the 8k.

Basically a 4k CV2


It sound like a great idea. I hope it will happen. I am sure It will increase their sales since it might be much better (maybe cheaper) alternative to Oculus or HTC Vive.

For the life of me I can’t believe they didn’t do this six months ago. Such a simple thing. They could be making a fortune


Sometime something simple is harder then you think. I am also almost 100% sure that they are focusing on releasing 8k since it has been delayed.

Same here.

I have always thought that producing an advanced version of the 4K would have been a more quickly achievable step rather than trying to leap years ahead in one go with the 8K development.

Such a 4K product would have been a great success and had a ready market with current 4K owners.

They were 85% of the way there with the 4K and in my opinion made a big mistake leaving it to stagnate because it has damaged their 4K sales through expectations that the 8K was just around the corner and now that the 8K is still not released, damaged confidence in Pimax’s ability to deliver.

Why is the 5K not yet available? Was it suppose to be the new 4K?


I think…that they make a statement and they do try to keep the promise. Also before lunch of 8k on kickstarter they might overestimated challenges coming with this product. It is something that I personally do deal with it from time to time.

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I would rotate tge displays like vive & such

2 x 21601980 or better use cinema ratio at 21602048

For total res of 43201980 or 43202048

Still use dual panels for potenial of brainwarp.

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Simple they have talked about a new 4k. But you want to deplete the original stock first.

They could just use the 8k’s panels

Yes but without dual panels no possibility of BW

They wouldnt need secret sauce of brainwarp if they just stuck to what can be driven natively.