Pimax XR Brightness improvements possible via Pitools update?

I have to agree with the fact that the Oled of the Pimax XR are dim. Is it possible for Pimax developers to make an update for the XR Brightness? I am not sure if that would require more power for the display?



I agree. This would be a very welcome update indeed, please do keep in touch with us regarding this, especially if theres any new model of the 5K XR down the pipeline.


I tell you a funny thing about my 5k Xr oled Pimax :

Sometimes my rtx 2080 ti is getting a black screen due to overheating or chip failure ( perhaps vram issue or something … )
But when this happens in vr , the display of my pimax xr turns EXTREMLY BRIGHT , I am getting a black circle in the middle of my pimax xr and a very bright halo ring around it .
This means the pimax xr can turn as bright as a galaxy s10 phone in theory , ( way over 500 nits ) but they dont do that in games due to safety reasons I think

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Right. The regular 5k+ gets a “lot” of love form the developers. now they can run a high refresh rates. As for the XR, the only update i have seen is the option to set the levels of blacks.

I have a feeling that if the Pimax team spend time to test the brightness, they may be able to bump it up somehwhat with safety. The question is, will they? :wink:

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I have an 5kxr and it feels like it’s just been totally forgot about and it was the more expensive of the 2…not good enough


Most people value more Screen Door over colors and black from what I have noticed


I have 5k + & ordered XR due to colours & blacks as they are aweful, I got impression that everybody whined since 1gen HDM about SDE but people were ok with colours, now we have good SDE but blacks & colours are aweful now other people start to whine about it, so seems it’s a bit inertial process & I hope later manufactures will consider OLED as better option, we can see what results Samsung achieved with their old Samsung O+, I almost cant see SDE there, if it would be less blurry with resolution on par with 5k+ I would totally fall in love with that HDM, but eh nobody cares, if pimax would have at least one good XR headset with bright screen, without blacks that eat contrast, I guess their sells would be much better for XR series


I really hope there will be OLED line refresh. First negative thing I noticed going from CV1 to 5K+ was lack of black color and overall poor colors (yellow, green, red).

Nowadays, I enjoy XR unit, got used to SDE not noticing it much, but really enjoying the colors. After experiencing OLED, LCD, OLED again I am actually afraid to upgrade to non OLED HMD, even if it is higher res, less SDE…

Anyone knows if O+ panels are higher res than 5K XR?


I have made threads asking Pimax if they can make some sort of update to increase the nits brightness of the displays. It fell into deaf ears. I think they want to kill that unit and just focus on the LCD’s instead.

previously they had backlight brightness setting for their LCD 5k+, and some people reported that with high BB & with lowered colour brightness the results were really pleasant, by some reason they removed this option even for LCD, I guess it’s not too hard to add this setting, at least for headsets that support it, I tried to upload old firmware but my 204SN 5k+ didn’t work with 1.5 years old pitool (144 + .dfu from dfuDriver folder), the usb devices was unknown, I guess my headset wasn’t existing yet when that software was written.

My XR is about 1.5 weeks from being delivered, I just hope it won’t too dull & dimm as everybody says ._.

Anyone knows if O+ panels are higher res than 5K XR?

I don’t know, but according to this article https://community.openmr.ai/t/sde-and-ppi-pimax-vs-valve-index-vs-others/20032

XR has 267PPI & O+ 404PPI, also O+ has anti SDE filter that blurs the image, but it greatly hides SDE, for me personally SDE isn’t a problem on current gen HDMs at all, e.g. O Quest looks for me gorgeous, O+ is good in terms of SDE but that blurriness + bad tracking & WMR & HDM itself isn’t comfortable for me, although sound is decent.

I even was almost ok with CV1 SDE, but low sweetspot & lack of details in distance were bad, the only really bad SDE I experienced was in OG vive, it was just too far from usability IMO.

I almost liked my 5k+, by some reason I feel more 3D depth on pimax headsets, probably due to canted displays & lot of IPD settings available, I also have comparable 3D depth on index, but not sure which is better I guess on 5k+ it’s better as I can setups it more suitable for me, but the blacks! I even almost get used to vibrancy of colours, in some games they do look really decent with contrast +3, brightness -1 - -3, but the poor contrast on par with grey background backlight, that’s so hurting : - (

I would get StarVR One, but it’s not for consumers, it’s 2 years old headset (they manufactured all those HMDs at 2018 & they got problems with company) it’s ok in terms of hardware, but it’s not supported at all & suitable only for developers. I hope they will work on it & in couple of years we will get decent human FOV Oled screen, magnification, panels utilisation, displays / lenses & SDE filters alongside with RGB pixels matter (although me personally prefer pentile arrangement as it looks more natural & helps with aliasing a lot)

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Dont get the StarVR One. You need to have the right IPD and the application to run Steam VR is not good. Its ok for development. I have one btw

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It’s interesting how people’s preferences vary. The not-blacks don’t bother me at all, even in dark games like Elite D. I use Contrast +1 and Brightness -1. I do have an 8K, which is supposed to be a little bit better than a 5K+, but it’s still using LCD panels.

Back when there was a Backlight Brightness option, I set that to Low. I really miss that feature!

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