Pimax won't 'wake up' and leave standby mode

Hi there,

Just got the Pimax 4k yesterday, installed the drivers and plugged in the hardware. PiPlay seems to detect the pimax, as does steamvr, but the screen is blank. SteamVR tells me that the headset is in standby mode, move it to wake it up. I put it on, move it about steam says its tracking it, but the screen inside the goggles is still off. I dont know why its not showing anything. Please help, unit appears defective

Rebooting windows or plug/unplug device? If this does’t help, may be hmd hardware defect.

Ive done this several times, and Ive also updated my video driver. Still no image inside the goggles, stays black. How can I have this replaced or returned for refund?

I think via shop, if this gearbest, this not difficult.

Hi Jason, please let me know the color of led in Pimax, and what’s the version of Piplay you used? thanks.

Hi, I have exactly the same problem! Sinds i bought it yesterday. Tried for hours, drivers and everything but the display is staying black. Everything seams fine in pip play, and steam works and does headtracking, is see that on my main monitor, but the display of the headset stays black. Also my system is much better then the minimal requirements.
To answer your question, the led remains blue all the time. The version of piplay is the latest 1.2.57.
Thanks for the help!

My standby mode was due to my nolo controllers sight was obstacled:
" My nolo was problem for a long time, the issue is the nolo base must stand on the straight narrow side. Otherwise it cannot emit the signal from its red leds. It cannot lye because it would direct to floor, lying on other side it would hide the bluetooth signal facing surface. I was thinking its a hardware or software so I reinstalled a lot on two computers. But position side, on which (not-oblong) side nolo should stand and in reasonable distance and height."