Pimax with Linux, Linux drivers and PiPlay for Linux required

May I ask for Linux support.
Reason is, Win 12 seems to raise as rumors say.
It is very challenging, to clean the mayhem after updates of Win10 and eliminate all that crappy spyware, advertising and unwanted features, again and again. The Steam client with Linux works as well, support rises. I am even willing to pay a subscription for software updates. I know the devs are working hard.
If Pimax offers Linux support, I would have a safer alternative, compared with MS Windows.
I am sure it has been evaluated, but the new Windows may some power users let switch to other platforms. (Like me) because of missing important updates (see Windows 10 and Windows 11 regarding DirectX 12 features and scheduler)


A big upvote for this. :+1:

One of the few things holding me to Windows and with MS looking at Subscription OS delivery for Windows 12. Pimax Drivers or no, I’m out of the Windows Ecosystem.


I believe there’s no exact plan nor timeline for Linux support, but it’s worth forwarding this suggestion to the engineers.

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OK, this time I would offer my support as a friendly beta tester.

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If Linux support is developed, you are unquestionably on the beta list!

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