PIMAX: What gives with Japan Market Pricing/options for Crystal Light? 🇯🇵

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So on the Japan website there’s only two of three options one can choose right now:

  1. Crystal Light Without Local Dimming (not selectable) ((¥112,999 = USD$ 722.66)
  2. Crystal Light with Local Dimming (¥143,999 = USD$ 920.91)
  3. Crystal Lighthouse Special Edition (With Local Dimming, No Controller, With Lighthouse Faceplate) (¥143,999 = USD$ 920.91)

So why is Option #2 the same price as Option #3, even if Option #2 doesn’t have the Lighthouse Faceplate??

Seems to me that Option #2 shouldn’t be more than ¥124,999 :jp:

Allow me to consult with the team.

From my understanding, Option #2 refers to the Local Dimming edition with a standard controller.

At our webstore, pimax.com, Option #2 and #3 are priced the same.


There also should be a headset without controllers but has Local Dimming.

This version hasn’t been listed on the website.

and why???


So… Could PIMAX please enlighten us regarding the Japanese market and why it’s taking PIMAX so long to simply offer for the Crystal Light what PIMAX is already offering for the U.S. Market?

Is this Rocket Science, Brain Surgery or even Rocket Surgery or Brain Science on the levels of difficulty?

It really looks pretty lame right now that PIMAX can’t get their ducks in a row when it comes to this type of stuff…

So yeah. Well?

Additionally, what’s the reason why PIMAX wouldn’t to allow customers of the Crystal Light the ability to utilize the larger FoV lenses on some or all of the Crystal Light lineups?

I think these are fair questions.
However, if you or PIMAX thinks they’re unfair, let’s put it all out on the table so people who may have the same inquiry can understand the deal with PIMAX…


This decision was made as we evaluated that the Japanese market for purchasing headsets only might be niche, so we didn’t list it on the webstore. However, if a Japanese user is interested in getting one, they can certainly reach out to us and place an order.

Regarding the wFoV not being compatible with Light, I will inquire with the engineers. I suspect it might be related to the distortion profile and configurations.

Quorra… Thanks for the reply.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure how relevant or accurate such an answer like this is.

Due to my living in Japan for quite a while, upon experience and observation, a high majority of households and apartments are quite small. Nor do they typically have the space to set up a VR rig with Controllers and or Base stations.

Thus, it’s likely there WOULD NOT be high demand for the ‘Faceplate’ version PIMAX has listed on the website compared to the U.S. market.

Most users in Japan :jp: likely do not have the space to set up base stations, as well, renters are typically forbidden by landlords to make any holes/modifications in the walls or ceiling.
Thus this may limit some realistic options for buyers to mount conveniently base stations.

*Renting terms in Japan are very strict and can be costly to the renter for doing such things.

Additionally, if one thinks about the ‘controllers’, which is also an option listed, users may not likely be utilizing the Crystal Light for a tethered experience away from their PCs. (due to space constraints).

Thus to me, it makes sense to AT LEAST offer the option of the Crystal Light with Local Dimming without controllers or faceplate.

Given the nature of the Crystal Light product, its use-case, and the nature of the Japanese Market, I believe it’s a massive mistake not to offer this option for a price no greater than 124,999 yen.

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Roger that.
Thank you for providing this information. I’ll forward it to the JP team and suggest they consider listing the Crystal Light headset only.



Not sure why this needs to be a consideration, since PIMAX is already selling this version in other markets. I presume PIMAX wants as many sales as possible.


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Of course with Local-Dimming.