Pimax want to do something really useful today?

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Hey Pimax Team if you want to do something really useful today would it be possible you upload a CAD file of the plastic facemask where the facefoam is attached to?

I mean this part in the picture

The original facmask doesn’t fit me at all and the lenses cause a lot of pain on my nose and as long as Pimax can’t offer a replacement with more distance to the lenses and a narrower replacement i want to be able to experiment and 3D print my own solution for the time being. Providing this file takes you like 15min. but would save us eventually a lot of time and pain.

Thank you!


I second that, it will allow modding and growing the community.


If they upload the cad file other Chinese companies will jump on making facemasks which would lose pimax business so don;t expect them to do anything.

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Nah. Truth if I still lived near Toronto I could have gotten a 3d scan.

How long do you think it would take for a company specialized in making such copies to make a model? I’d guess less than a day woking on pictures off Google images.

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Oh you’re right but you think throwing cad files out into the wild will deter them

Well if they won’t, we need someone to get a 3d scan of it. Hell, If my scanner was not out of state I would do it myself.

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Thats true we need more face cushions of different thicknesses / shapes. I first tried the 5k+ today and immediately noticed that it’s made for Andre the Giant. My face almost fits INSIDE the headset, got a gap in the nose area so big I could stick a wrench in there and a small gaps in the temple areas as well.
I got some Vive face cushions and I’m modding it as I write this and I’m sure this is not going to be a problem.
Other than that, happy.

My idea would the inflatable face cushion, yeah, keep laughing.


Would be cool if someone could make a depth adjustable plastic face mount that you could put the face foam on. looks like HTC had it right when the made the vive’s depth adjustable


I posted a poll on this and sent a link to VRcover in the hope they would do something. They said they would use it to judge interest. Unfortunately, very few people replied.

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Please post link to poll. However atm we only have something like a potential 6000? Voters. Need to have link in forum, facebook & redit.


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Ah. See we might want to use an external poll system to make collection of info easier as some are not likely to join the forum to weigh in. It would also give potential customers tge ability to weigh in that are considering a pimax.

@Heliosurge I don’t think that’s the job of a paying customer to do in fairness.

I was more interested in finding out if many others had the same issues as me. After reading more of the forum the past week I don’t think a poll is needed to find that answer. It’s obvious based on the number of threads and posts about the issue.

I am not asking for a different foam (vrcover) i am asking for a different facemask (the plastic part).
Since Pimax doesn’t provide that i asked them for a CAD file so i can print some parts on my own.
The thing is simply to huge and in my case it needs to come out at least 15mm and not only on the bottom.

I also could try to measure and model it but actually i would prefer a CAD file because it simply would make a lot of things easier and i don’t have to waste time with iterating.

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The problem is there is no real one design fits all. This is why there are modding communities & companies based on this premise. Ie VR covers & @Davobkk’s more recent companies.

The fact the plastic face gasket is removable is a huge plus as it opens up the ability to buy or print one that works better as there is a huge variance of facial profiles.


Have you tried bringing the lenses 15mm from your face with foam as a test? I have and the result was terrible distortion and an even more front heavy and uncomfortable headset with a narrower FOV and visible edges. I agree the current setup simply won’t work for me. I don’t know what the best solution is though.

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Maybe I do no the best solution but I think it’s going to involve them designing new lenses. Not something I expect Pimax to offer.

I have.
In fact i have a very small narrow head with very low IPD and i stacked a 6mm+18mm Kiwi Design Vive Cover and most of the heavy distortions i had before are gone and i finally would have enough room for my nose. I lost a bit of the FOV but the distortions are way less.

The problem with this much of a foam is it becomes even more wobbly on the head and that is why i want to print some parts so that i can keep the foam thickness as low as possible


Is the protective case file works for you?