Pimax vs the Oculus

Is there anybody here to has both and would like to say which has the better screen?

No contest the Oculus is a much better and deservedly a more expensive HMD.

The Oculus just works.
The Oculus is is much easier to get up an running.
The Oculus has much better games support interface.
The Oculus doesn’t have a yellow caste to the images.
The Oculus has both rotational ‘and’ positional tracking.
The Oculus is very light and comfortable to wear for long periods.
The Oculus is well build, and high quality.
The Oculus is worth it’s price.

The PiMAX is a cheap, poorly built, POS.
The PiMAX has only rotational tracking and no positional tracking
The PiMAX adds so much yellow tint to the images that they really should have called it the Pee-Max.
The PiMAX is not worth it … even at it’s cheap price.
The PiMAX requires you to constantly be messing with the software to get it to work, but the latest, latest, latest version of Pee Play might solve old problems … while it adds new ones…
The PiMAX is sold by GearBest, and you may get a new one or you may get a used one (like I did).
The PiMAX can hit you right on the bridge of your nose.
The PiMAX cushion is pitiful, with a glued on fabric over sponge that has hard glue edges in places, making you either trim it off or suffer the uncomfortable feeling of that pressed against your face.
The PiMAX is good looking, but it’s really just a toy HMD, and about the worse one out there, with the possible exception of the Samsung Gear loaded with a “fireball special” Note 7 … and then only because the PiMAX only burns you in the wallet.

Friends don’t let friends buy a PiMAX.


Actually if you buy a full body motion capture, a leap motion and install some applications it turns much better then oculus. (In relation Price/Exprerience)


  1. PIMAX 4K
  2. Leap Motion
  3. Vico Vr
  4. Some applications for simulating HTC VIVE or oculus controllers.
  5. Other applications to tone and calibrate the experience

I’m sorry if I make some errors but I don’t speak a good english.


I can vouch for everything you have listed here and am now desperately waiting to get my money back. I have sent it back under warranty

The problem now is that Gear Best is actively promoting this product because it is the ultimate click bait "4K VR)

They are sending free units to VR you tubers who are putting up reviews based on 10 minutes of testing.

I believe Pimax’s strategy right now is to sell as many of these plastic bricks to unsuspecting customers because they know it is a lemon and they can do nothing to change the faulty hardware now it’s gone to market

This Fu**in company has cost me $100 in shipping costs


I have my Pimax for a week, and I’m very happy with them, the only problem I have is that sometimes when I connected it, the software gets crazy and I have to reboot, but then works fine, so is a minor bug (for me).

The screen bright and contrast aren’t the best, but the overall experience is very good.

I have had an Oculus DK1, DK2, Razer HDK1.4, HDK2 and GearVR (with Note 4 and S6 Edge), and I choose the Pimax over all of them.

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Thats unfortunately all true. Youtubers give good reviews, becouse they test it superficially, like you said, then go back to Oculus or Vive, becouse they are much better. Also, they wont point biggest problems, becouse they want another free hardware to review. Regardles, you know the scam, when the scammer offers money for good reviews - in this case, they give steam give cards.

Also, i love theese chinese forum accounts, pretending to not be chinese and not having any problems lol


The only possible positive aspect I can see for the PiMAX is that it might push the other ‘quality’ HMD manufactures to go to 4K sooner, rather than later … and ‘maybe’ help to hold the price down through a false sense of them being competative with a decent quality HMDs, as viewed amoungst people that get their impression of them by just viewing suspicious and possibly complicit YouTube videos.

But other than that … it seems to have so far proven itself to be a significant waste of time and or money to quite a number of the people that purchased them, as is evidenced by the overwhelming and excessive number of negative reviews that they have here, and other places were they are being discussed by people that have actually used them … check that … ‘tried’ to use them.

Hi, I have already contact you by e-Mail, why don’t you answer me?
Please tell us your issue or add our support Skype: support@pimaxvr.com

Hi, I have already contact you by e-Mail, why don’t you answer me?
Please tell us your issue or add our support Skype: support@pimaxvr.com

Everything has its advantage and disadvantage. If you have any problem in using Pimax, we will help you to solve your problem. But please DO NOT say any bad word to us.

I donn’t know what’s the reason and make you gentle guys become so critical to a HMD startup company. :slight_smile:
I bought one pimax several weeks ago, tested this device with SteamVR and oculus Home games: Project CAR, DCS, Elite:Dangerous,EVE,Lucky Tales…, at least for me, no blur issue and the screen quality is good, it meet my expectation, especially regarding the price level.
I also encountered some connecting issues and other SW bugs, i wrote service request to Pimax engineer team and they provided a good response and support .So what’s my feeling is they’re hard working and responsible team.
I still remembered when i got Oculus DK1, and it took me around one week to set it works while the VR experience is not good. but for Oculus CV1, it only took me one hour. even for Oculus, they took about four years to evolve their products: DK1->DK2->CV1 , although they have good funding and resource.

As i know, all Oculus/Sony/HTC VR handsets are made in China, but these devices are overprice i thought. Despite the prejudices, some Chinese company are now capable to make good product, e.g. DJI, XiaoMi. So i would be more patient and encourage Pimax team to solve all issues.

@Pimax team,
I think you should investigate your stock or Gearbest sales channel seriously. It seems some guys got a defective product and made them lose money. Base on my assumption, the blur issue might come from the defective product with wrong Lens. you need control your production batch quality and make the unique/stable performance VR headset. then, everyone will happy with your products.


We are critical becouse nobody told us we are paying to be alpha testers for a HMD startup company. Also, considering that Oculus comes with xbox controller, cameras, fully developed software and gives more degrees of freedom, Pimax doesnt look to be priced that much lower.


So true, RMA to Gearbest. I have enough and can’t wait because i want my 300€ back.

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OK, let me ask you this … can the PiMAx be used simultaneously on the same PC with an Oculus Rift Cv1 or Vive, like a Vive and CV1 can be used by using a dual GPU?

Or can you even just use the PiMAX on the same PC as a CV1 or Vive … without first having to uninstall the CV1 and or Vive drivers and/or other features?
If so … ‘exactly’ … how do you do that?

Does the the PiMAX have positional tracking, I.e. can it follow your body movement (not just head rotation) as you move back and forth, up and down, and/or side to side … ‘even just a little bit’ … like the CV1 or Vive?

Can you say the PiMAX does not use a special filter that results in making the image have a yellow caste/tint to it?
This is just a fact of light that is not subjective to peoples impressions, either you do … or do not, add a protection filter as an economical way to protect the eyes from blue light, but that also suppresses the blue wavelengths of light in ways that results in a yellow tint, or you do not.
So the question is very simple.
Do you use a filter that makes the light passing through it shift so it passes that light more pronounced in the yellow portion of the visible light spectrum?

Also, it’s advertised as having an adjustable focus … how ‘exactly’ do you adjust the focus?

If being truly honest with us as you seem to be saying you are, will you tell us the return rate in numbers sold that you are experiencing with this product. And what the issues are in three categories … one they are defective and a refund was given, and two, they tested OK and and were sold again as being new, and three … they were reworked/refurbished/fixed and then sold as being new?

These are facts that people might like to know when considering purchasing one.
If you have no returns, and/or never resale them as “new” after testing or reworking them, then fine … but please be honest.

P.S. I never got any email from you.
I have that turned off, but I think you can PM me.
Maybe that’s what you meant … ???

On Edit: I see it ‘was’ a PM not an email.
I prefer to discuss this in the open forum as it may be of interest to others, but can understand why you want to go private.
IMHO: That in itself is fairly telling …


Are you kidding?

I’ve reported issues on this forum several times, and no-one has provided a solution, or even a meaningful response. In fact I even reported them to you directly in a PM after you contacted me, and you didn’t reply. So if you’d like people to be calm, and polite, and understanding or whatever, how about you and your PIMAX team start taking customer service a bit more seriously?


OK, I’ll answer all of your questions.

1, OC/HTC don’t support SLI, u don’t know? And if you have Pimax and OC/HTC, you don’t need to uninstall their drive. Just close it in Task Manager.
2, We don’t have positional tracking, but we have dual gyroscopes.
3, We use the special filter, it can protect your eyes. But it haven’t make the screen yellow. If you feel your screen is yellow, it is because of the software. Do you know Night mode in iPhone? And if you want to close it, please use the MOVIE MODE, it can solve this problem.
4, About the focus? You mean set the IPD? We can set the IPD in Piplay. Or you mean the myopia? That is optics self-adaption, that is the business secure and that is our patent. Our engineer pay a lot of time and energy on it. We have already sold a lot of Pimaxs in China, and we have already made sure it can work. We ship it by the ship ( because it is cheap for us.) But it took some time. So maybe some lens are broken. If it is broken, please send it back to us.
5, Return rate? We sold a lot in China, and we have a lot of fans in China. Return rate just a little bit. I can not tell you the number, but I can tell you, when anybody returns it back, we will take it back to our company, and we will check which problems it had, and improve our product. And we make sure every Pimax u received is new.
6. You want to discuss this in the open forum? OK. I thought you have already bought it and you have some problem when you were using it. I just want to make sure we can answer you as soon as possible, so I sent the message to you.

And my friend, in fact, we just hope our forum is full of technical discussions about VR glasses without any emotionality or biases. We just hope we can talk about it fairly. If we have any mistake, plz tell us and we hope we can solve your problem as soon as possible.

But BTW, are you our competitor and do you have Pimax?

I feel sooooooo sorry about it because we don’t have enough people to answer all of the customers’ questions now. So could you add our Skype? support@pimaxvr.com
We can answer your question as soon as possible.
Sorry :cry:

I don’t agree with your opinion. I’ve used a lot of VR products, including HTC, oculus, pimax, the content of the oculus proved to be more rich, but in some places and not pimax does well. Pimax yellowness of the screen is the design that shield an eye, and can adjust to make image become bright. Aside from the picture, clarity is absolutely better than the oculus, is my current used a better product. And I am a myopia, the oculus is too unfriendly to me, not only heavy, and do not make me good experience with glasses.

Optics self-adaption - Really?? Without mechanical adjustment of the distance between the lens and the screen? The human eye has an autofocusing from 20 cm to infinity. This is your patent?

If your lens focus set to equivalent focus distance 10-20 cm, the eyes of one person will be able to focus, and the other less trained - can not. That is why is necessary to reduce IPD. When the eye is focused close eye should be kept close. For example, when we look closely at the monitor.

But in the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive (and Deepoon E2 too) focus it is set to about 2-3 meters or more - and it is natural for VR. Your eyes are relaxed when they look away.

The problem with the lenses you already for a long time and you seem to just ignore it.

You just made a helmet for people with myopia, but not for normal people.
Now the problem is that your customers with normal vision can get myopia (because eyes will be constantly at close focus).

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What is dual gyroscopes?How it replace positional tracking? Maybe it’s replace roomscale too? :slight_smile:

In fact, this forum is a good step to the manufacturer’s openness, but there has to answer the technical expert. I still see only the answers of the advertising brochure.

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1 - Actually the CV1 and Vive ‘can’ be operating at the same time via SLI… as is being done here: VIDEO: Running Oculus Rift And HTC Vive Simultaneously On One Computer

Is it not true that the PiMAX can not do this because it can’t run with the CV1 or Vive drivers working at the same time?

Are you saying that when the software is installed and tells you to uninstall the CV1 driver adt etc. to just ignore those messages, and then use TM to turn off the CV1 driver, and the PiMAX will then work properly?
If so, not ideal … but IMHO yet ‘another’ semi-acceptable work-around that seems to be needed with the PIMAX … and another thing not required with the CV1.

In the advertisement at GearBest it says the PiMAX has a focus adjustment.
How do you adjust it?
Here is the definition of “Focus Adjustment”
“To adjust a lens or instrument to produce a clear image. To converge on or toward a central point of focus; be focused.”
Are you saying that the focus adjustment is not a control, but instead is in the design of the PiMAX and that it automatically accomplishes that above definition of “focus adjustment”?

You seem to indicate that the blue block filter used in the PiMAX that operates in the range of 400 to 500nm does not affect the visible spectrum of light when it subdues both blue and violet light passing through it (as a filter in that range will do) but that the amount of filtering it offers is so slight that it will not appreciably effect the rest of the visible range in a practical/visual sense?
If so, I can accept that, because the amount of blue light produced by LED screen being detrimental to human eyes and possibly causing macular degeneration over time, is somewhat controversial … so the ‘amount’ of blockage by a 400-500nm blocking filter would not need to be necessarily so much that it causes anything other than a yellow shift that can only be measured with optical equipment, and still not be perceptible by a human eye.

Yes, I did buy it, but, it arrived with the “Do not accept if broken” seal broken, is defective (the right eye has garbled video, and a pixelated streak about 1/8 the FOV running through the center of that side’s FOV).
And … it has no focus adjustment, as it is advertised to have. :wink:

Mine is going back to GearBest, but the seal being broken, it being defective, and having no focus had me ask about this 'still unanswered question" … do you take the returns then rework or test them, and then resale them as new. (???)
Or maybe better yet, how do people get them in boxes that have the seal broken or as one person reported … with the box turned inside out?
Is that something that you do at the factory or that GearBest does, or by whom, and how does that happen???

Finally, the topic here is PiMAX VS Oculus.
That’s what’s being discussed, and I am not seeing anybody that has said “bad words” WRT the PiMAX in this thread.
We have just stated what we see as the differences between the CV1 and the PiMAX (with some discussion of the Vive added) and done so within the competitive nature of the OP’s original question.

IMHO: I think you should not want this to be taken to PM, email or some other forum that might appear to suggest that these PiMAX questions can’t handle the light of day.

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