Pimax VR Experience - Version Public Beta - Available Now! 🍰

Hey everyone!

The new Pimax VR Experience version Public Beta is here! :cake:

Setup Instructions:

  1. Download and install the latest PiTool, if you have not already.
  2. Download and run Pimax VR Experience Public Beta Installer.
  3. In PiTool, select “Experience Home” (located under PiTool, Settings > General). This will launch the Pimax VR Experience.

Note: Pimax VR Experience comes with its own installer, but it requires you to have the latest PiTool installed beforehand, to work properly.

Download Link: (Right-click and Save-As)

Pimax VR Experience - Cloud Profiles - Phase 2

Please watch the video to know how the Cloud Profiles work in the current phase.

What’s new:

  • New: Cloud Profiles (phase 2):
    • Users can choose from multiple cloud profiles when launching a game.
    • Users can choose to override brightness, contrast and display backlight of cloud profiles, per game, when launching a game.
    • Users can reset the overridden values to the cloud profile default values, using the provided button.
    • Users can choose to override command line arguments provided in the cloud profile, using their own local command line args.
    • Users can mark one or more cloud profiles as favorites locally.
    • When the user selects a cloud profile, they can see its description and command line arguments.
    • Overridden cloud profile values are persisted locally and restored next time, so the user will not need to redo it every time on game launch.
    • The app remembers which cloud profile was used last selected for a game, so the user will not need to choose it every time on game launch.
    • The app remembers whether the users chose to use a cloud profile for a game or not, so the user will not need to [de]select it every time on game launch.
    • A new Profile Setting allows user to enable/disable filtering cloud profiles based on their GPU and HMD setup.
  • New: Game Details panel has been completely redesigned:
    • Dashboard screen real-state is now utilized more efficiently.
    • New design elements include buttons, checkboxes and dropdowns.
    • The new design makes integrating cloud profile overrides easier.
    • The new design will be gradually improved and updated in future releases.
    • The new design will be gradually spread to the rest of the dashboard in future releases.
  • New: App customization settings are automatically saved:
    • Once the user makes changes to any settings, it is automatically saved.
    • The settings file structure has been updated (and will continue to gradually update in future releases).
    • Old settings file data is automatically migrated to the new structure on app startup.
  • New: Sound Effects as feedback:
    • Hovering and clicking on gallery items and game details panel items produces sound effects to indicate user interaction.
    • Users can immediately be aware of which speakers (if any) are currently active on their PC, simply by interacting with the gallery items in the dashboard.
    • Dashboard and/or System Audio Control is not available in this release. It is planned for future.
  • New: Screen saver activates after predefined 30 seconds of inactivity on the HMD, darkens the app to help prevent LCD panel burnouts.
  • Update: Dashboard bottom panel button redesign.
  • Update: Minor improvements to hand tracking camera performance.
  • Update: Performance improvement when loading games on startup.
  • Update: Performance improvement when handling game profiles as well as Steam VR profiles.
  • Update: Reduced overall disk I/O.
  • Update: To comply with strict PiTool requirements, the installer will no longer provide a choice for install location and will always install the app under %PROGRAMFILES%\Pimax\PE\.
  • Fix: In a lot of cases PiTool generated/controlled files become inaccessible to the app during app startup, causing the entire dashboard to be unresponsive.
  • Fix: Importing a new app/game does not show up in imported section until the app is restarted.
  • Fix: Backlight from a cloud profile is never applied correctly.
  • Fix: In certain scenarios, when switching between hand tracking and controllers, the hand tracking gets disabled.
  • Fix: Sometimes when using hand tracking to toggle Profile Settings checkboxes, the settings are toggled but not saved.
  • Fix: For some games, the start game button becomes active again in a very short period, allowing the user to launch an app/game more than once.

Please report bugs here: Bug Reports
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