Pimax VR Experience - Version Beta Available Now!

Hey everyone!

After dedicating countless hours and sleepless nights over a period of two weeks, Martin @SweViver and I feel confident to release the new Pimax VR Experience Beta :slight_smile: We believe we have solved a large amount of critical and important issues as well as minor bugs, while introducing significant improvements and a bunch of new features. We look forward to hear about your experience!

We value every piece of feedback we receive. We may not respond individually to everyone, but we will use your comments as we strive to improve your experience.


Pimax VR Experience Beta Installer


Note: The new beta comes with its own installer, but requires you to have PiTool version installed. Make sure to tick the checkbox โ€œStart Pimax VR Homeโ€ in PiTool, Settings โ†’ General . This will enable automatic launch of Pimax VR Experience. Beta - Release Notes

  • New: The app comes with its own installer apart from the PiTool
  • New: User can now choose the install location of the app independent of PiTool install location
  • New: Installer setup file size is heavily compressed for quicker download
  • New: Profile based command line arguments management per game
  • New: Automatic VR controller vendor/model detection
  • New: Background selection added to the right window
  • New: Animation when recentering the dashboard
  • New: Animation when scaling the dashboard
  • New: Connection status to PiTool is now shown on top of the dashboard with colored headset icon and text
  • New: Enabled single click on folders in file browser
  • Update: App icon is now the Pimax white logo
  • Update: Significantly improved startup initialization
  • Update: Improved game import stability and reliability
  • Update: Significantly improved performance
  • Update: Improved anti-aliasing
  • Update: Board Games VR font in customization
  • Update: Re-adjusted positions for each dashboard scale
  • Update: Improved game thumbnail image download time
  • Update: Missing thumbnail images show empty/white image
  • Update: Improved the connection stability between PiTool and the app
  • Fix: Mouse cursor rotation issue facing the user
  • Fix: Some users could not see the dashboard when running the app
  • Fix: Steam VR controller power on and/or system button press terminated the app and started Steam VR
  • Fix: An error in Steam VR optimization file prevented a selected game to launch
  • Fix: Occasional flicker issues on left/right eyes when users looks towards certain angles
  • Fix: Occasional zoom issues when some users looks at certain angles
  • Fix: Issue with mouse not enabled on startup
  • Fix: Issue with occasional incorrect window size on startup
  • Fix: Mouse issues related to the dashboard origin position
  • Fix: Mouse recentering issues when recentering the dashboard
  • Fix: Mouse sometimes started without a visible window/fullscreen
  • Fix: One of the skybox backgrounds does not work
  • Fix: Occasionally game thumbnail images are not downloaded
  • Fix: Issues when importing Viveport and Revive games
  • Fix: Occasionally connection to PiTool failed and never reconnected
  • Fix: Occasional issues loading profiles