Pimax VR Experience - Cloud Profiles - Calling for Editors!

Hi everyone!

Before publicly releasing the new PE update 0.85.x by the end of Feb, I would like to ask your assistance on making the first cloud profiles together.

The cloud profiles are currently at phase 1. In this phase, only a few select users (referred to as Editors) will spend time on making profiles for games that they own and know how they should work on different headsets and/or GPUs.

Since we are still releasing Public Beta builds (and not the final stable release), I would like this to be considered as the initial phase, slowly growing it together and only after achieving good results, opening the cloud profile system to the public.

Those of you who match all the following criteria and accept the responsibilities, kindly send me a private message after you have logged in to the website to inform me of your email address, and I will make you an Editor.

Editor selection criteria

  • Own a Pimax Headset and have used it for at least 3 months.
  • You have an in-depth understanding of PiTool Game Profiles.
  • You have an in-depth understanding of Steam VR Profiles.
  • You have successfully created game profiles for at least 2 games that you own and play, that results in experiencing no VR related issues, while playing those games.
  • You have been contributing to this forum enough to know how to keep the communications private, either in a separate topic, via private messages or on the Discord channel, amongst yourselves, for the duration of your journey as an Editor.

Editor responsibilities

  • have good manners, respect one another and communicate matters properly.
  • communicate and clarify which profiles you will make with other editors, before creating them.
  • avoid making duplicate profiles. In the first phase, I would prefer to have unique profiles for games, in the first phase, but this is not a must.
  • share your thoughts and/or suggestions about other profiles created by other editors, with them.
  • always double check the profiles you create, test them on PE and make sure your profiles work.
  • make sure to communicate any bugs with me (as well as other editors) via Discord. Solving bugs and releasing server/client fixes always have high priority with me.
  • If/when anything is not clear, ask me (or other Editors) to make sure you have full understanding of what should and should not happen! This is very important to me, since a bug could remain unnoticed (and I would not like that).
  • keep communications in the initial phases of Cloud Profiles, private in the private channel/forum post.

If at any given time, an Editor misuses the system, they will be demoted and their profiles rendered invalid.

If you choose to join the discord channel, in addition to you email, let me know what your discord handle is and I will promote you to Editor.


I’d like to thank all of you who wish to participate. You are taking steps on improving all PE user’s experiences and lives! Your contributions will not go unnoticed!

Wish you all a pleasant week!



Linear regression has been fit to SteamVR video resolution/percentage. Calculate with the ‘solve()’ equations in this file and ‘qalculate’.

Don’t count on SteamVR not to change things up though (maybe let’s not rely on equations rather than set variables in profiles, just use them when creating these tables and profiles).

:wink: :wink: :wink:Hope there are more cloud profiles

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There doesn’t seem to be much interest.
I put up a post asking for game requests and the post disappeared without a single answer. In addition, as far as I know, there has been very little, if any, feedback on the profiles that are there, also indicating a lack of interest.

My personal opinion is that one of the reasons why there is no interest is that there is no ‘coherence’ to the profiles. There is no way for the average user to look at that and be able to decide which profile he should use. He can guess, but most of us will just make our own settings and ignore the mess being offered. It was a nice idea, but it lost ‘coherence’ and thereby lost usefulness.

I would have volunteered, except that I do not feel sufficiently confident of my ability to understand the various variables. However if @arminelec is prepared to accept my best efforts based on trial and error, I’d be happy to try.


I haven’t looked closely yet, but can you vote for profiles? Can you leave comments?

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No. Something like that is supposed to be coming at some point, but at this stage, no.

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There is absolutely no control, ‘guidance’, or filtering being done on profiles. You ask Arminelec for access to the webpage and go nuts. Apparently, no one really cares if you understand the variables, just post 'em.
Hence it’s irrelevance.

Well admittedly it is not am easy project with only a couple of people invested in development.


Especially if they’re not even being paid for their efforts!