Pimax VR Black Friday Giveaway

If you are one of the 3 winners of the giveaway campaign:
We will either send you 4K headset for free or 339 USD if you already bought 4K.

Step 1: Like Pimax facebook page
Step 2: Share the pinned Black Friday post to your page.

The winner list will be announced on FB page in Dec.5

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visit my facebook : Pimax 8K view more virtual reality :slight_smile:


Good luck…

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Who is a winner? @anon23564932
The winner list will be announced on Dec 5 (2017? right)
Pimax is silent

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Thanks, I’ll push my teammate to post the list.


Are there any news on this?

Yes i win gamepad, and someone need to be pushed again @anon23564932 (?) .
Winners are on FB page.

Woohoo i won too, though I have a 4k already.

I would be happy to take it off your hands :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant seem to find a list of winners? we are talking about the black friday giveaway and not the vr park one right? anyone have a link to the list or can put them here please? @anon23564932

EDIT: found it in the comments on the facebook page… congratulations to you guys that won a prize :smiley:

> Pimax Winner list: Thomas Hofsiss, Renee, Jeff Stevenson won Pimax 4K; Dayset Imh, Ken LeBlanc, Drak Blade, vrgamerdude, B_FigueroaJr won controllers. Congratulations


Congrats! My teammate will start to ship the rewards tomorrow.

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:heart_eyes: So shiny mmm…

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Too bad they look like Xbox controllers. Lol