Pimax + Vive DAS 3d Printed Adapter Parts

Finally finished the set!

Took about 8 revisions before I was happy with the top clip. It doesn’t require any support and snaps in! There are two types of side hinges, one long one short depending on your head size. If your head is really small like mine you may need to get thicker padding for the back from vrcovers.

Let me know what you guys think.

You can pick up the Vive DAS here:

You may also want to get thicker padding from here if you can’t get a tight fit(Make sure to get the 20mm version):


Thanks, Will try this out today, looks like a great design.

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Hi Mr.Cube

So I printed these today (0.3mm Nozzle, 0.15mm Layer, NGen). The Side Clips are great and snapped straight into my Vive DAS. When I printed the top clip, I used the orientation default in the model, and the clip snapped when I tried to insert it into the 5K+, I have since changed the print orientation to make the layers go across the thin part of the clip; hopefully that will work.


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Thanks for testing it. Updated the link with a pegged version.I wanted to make it a secure fit so once you put it in you’ll need to use pliers to get the top peg out. The side on the peg that has a indentation should face away from the front of the headset when put in. let me know if this works better for you.

I’ll still be using the snap in version since I haven’t had any issues with it. It sucks that it’s not fitting for some people and breaking.I tried making the snap in part thicker but it made it impossible to snap the part into the headset. It may depend on what color your printing in. I know some colors are weaker and easier to break than others. The pegged version should be a more reliable solution for most at least.

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Do I need a 3d printer or can I just order them

There should be a order this printed button on the page that you can use to order the parts.

The pegged version works really well - it fits perfectly and stays secure, great job! Going to reprint it and the side brackets with a better quality material.


When mine arrives I’ll definitely order some


I have tried down loading the file all the 3d printed services on line don’t recognise it . I know fuck all about 3d printing . Is there anyone on here who can print this for me I’ll bank transfer payment

Thanks. Was expecting to be so much more expensive, but now i can’t wait. Just regret i did not order it before xD

Enjoy the tip :wink:

Got a new set printed out and some thicker foam for the back (using 20mm version from HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap Foam Replacement - VR Cover) so the strap will tighten enough and everything is working great. I would recommend anyone attempting to print the adapter yourself to print the side brackets vertically with a little support material for extra durability on the hinge, as all my attempts to print flat on the bed resulted in the hinge snapping along the layer.


How did you remove the original side bits of the Pimax (with the curvey bits)?

You need to remove the rubber around the lenses 1st.

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Holy crap - really? How do I do that? Has Sweviver made a vid?

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You just pull at it. It comes out easily and you can just snap it back in.This is the part you pull out: this


Legend bro. I was super-scared of doing it. Sorted now. So much nicer with the DAS

I also tipped you on Thingverse


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thx !!! Only 14,65$ incl. shipping to germany :slight_smile:

FInally got it wooo :smiley:

And it works perfectly! Fells secure and super easy to install once you get yourself together to ripping out that rubber thingie xD

Though i think unless you have a large head you should just go with the smaller side hinges as the das itself can change much its size, but with the larger ones it seemed to just about fit me.

Switched to the smaller side hinges and to me they are much better!
Now to patiently wait for the cooling fans. Darn beat saber xD