Pimax Upgrade Program - A proposal


The facts so far:

  • Pimax needs to close the streatch goals affair within a certain time
  • Backers, on the other hand, need more time to make a decision involving $1,000+

It takes time to decide on 8K+ and 8KX and on normal and deluxe audio strap, if Pimax prematurely closes this window, they’re going to lose a lot of sales.

So a proposal: convert the offer into a coupon

  • choosing the coupon makes you irreversibly giving up your streatch goals
  • the coupon can be chosen until 31 January
  • the coupon could be used one time, on 8KX or 8K+
  • the coupon is personal and non-transferable
  • the coupon could be used within 12 months
  • the unused coupon will not entitle to streatch goals again
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not interested, I will upgrade on my own terms and in my own time.All I want are my full package controllers, basestations and stretch goals.


Thanks for sharing, but it’s useless to this topic

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Thanks for sharing your suggestion on a forum where everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and 3 likes on my response indicates there are apparently others who feel the same way.


Just got my Index Controllers direct from Valve. Successfully ordered at start of December from US store, delivered yesterday to Russia with $30 shipping cost.

Supporting Pimax is one of worst decision in my life.

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Waiting for someone writing “Emily Ratajkowski is cool” and getting 10 likes :joy:

Sad times…

yes I’ve had a similar experience, ordered and delivered within 8 days.

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We already have coupon s and we cannot use them. no need for another one.


Someone who understands what we’re talking about? No need to be childish.

I also have a coupon from my local store, but it doesn’t match this topic


I do think you have maybe misinterpreted the proposal @mmorselli has made.

It doesn’t affect those whom stay the course. All he has proposed is extending the deadline to choose an upgrade option & if chosen.

The person would have until Jan 2021 to use the upgrade coupon. But those whom choose the option whether they end up using the upgrade coupon or not forfeit stretch goals.

Not a bad suggestion for those whom finances are tight this time of year.

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Well if that’s the case then I certainly do apologise, all he had to do was highlight that point politely rather than be condecending to a counter point.

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Well he does have the Picard pic. :beers::grin::+1::sparkles:


Ha! then way out of character. Looking forward to the upcoming series. One of my favourite character actors reprising his role :beer:

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I’m sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone, just sarcasm to address off topic, and sometimes sarcasm doesn’t work well online.


No worries, I’m sure that sharing a beer in a pub would make the sarcasm that much easier to swallow :beer: