Pimax Update September 29th 2021

Pimax Update September 30th 2021

National Day of the People’s Republic of China

The National Day Holiday will run from October 1st through October 7th.
We will have limited technical support and logistics personnel available during the holiday.

The limited staff may cause support wait times to be longer than normal.

DMAS Shipment Update

We are rapidly shipping DMAS upgrades to those who have ordered them. So far, we have already shipped hundreds of pairs. If you need to review your order or shipping status / shipping address etc, please create a ticket using the link below and our support staff will assist you.

Pimax Experience Update

The cloud features of the Pimax Experience are currently undergoing maintenance and are currently unavailable. When we release an updated version we will keep you informed.

Sword Sense Controller Update
Please stay tuned! The update will be reveal shortly.

Thank you,
Your Pimax Team